How do I lead Sombrero Mambo? (beginners)

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  1. Hi

    I am a beginner lead in Cuban style (half a year of classes, privates, and social dancing).

    I want to try a move I found on the youtube, which is called Sombrero Mambo. This is seemingly an elementary move: A Sombrero, but instead of doing DQN, we do 8 beats of Mambo steps (taps), and then DQN.

    The problem is: How is the girl supposed to know that we are now to do 8 beats of Mambo steps?? I could tell her, of course, during the Sombrero right-hand turn, but this kind of sucks. Is there any way to lead this move without telling her verbally ?(Telling her would practically mean we are dancing a choreographed dance - not cool, more like ballroom than salsa...)
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  2. Tomm

    Tomm Tumbao

    I never found a way to do it, girls usually pick it up after the first 4 , but i could never get it right from the start, i simply dropped this one from my repetoir. For me its something for Rueda de Casino....
    What might work is if you do the "mambo" parts in slow motion/half time.
    If someone found a way to actually lead this iam also interessted :)
  3. Dissonant Harmony

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    You don't.

    She may playfully mimic you, do something of her own or not do anything at all.

    *And teachers should note that.
  4. MrR

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    I am bad with the names for pattern. If I understood the pattern you want to do correct:

    You take her in the Sombrero position, you that you stand side by side (in a slight angle may be) with arms over each shoulders (Sombrero).

    And now instead of "moving on" you do the "mambo tap step" for a while, until then you change to something else.

    So, here is what I have come up to be working:

    Well, the Mambo step is a small element. It is of less concern and more of a styling issue.

    The first important part is, to get her to stop. So when in the sombrero position you have to take away her momentum (not just manipulate it but really make her stop / move slower). For many follows this is really hard to accept, with others you can playfully to this at any time - but you should not expect them to know what you actually want to do right now. With follows with a lot of momentum and bad listening ability, I would not even try this.
    Once you have reached that position, you now got to lead another rhythm. You have contact with your partner at different points (hands, arms, shoulders, optionally hip and torso). You actually have relatively many points as options and the new rhythm should really flow through your own body. If you cannot do that, you probably cannot lead it ...

    What I know as "Mambo step" is in a 1-3 rhythm, not a 1-2-3-" " rhythm anymore. For people who are totally alien to this concept and who try to fight through their steps, this does not work, but as @Dissonant Harmony mentioned, many followers grasp the concept very quickly, as long as the communication is fine and on a playfully experimenting level. It is more, that many dancers unlearn to actually listen to the partner to this degree - and then try to learn that again at advanced level.

    The actual foot movement is not to be lead so far I understand it. But if the people have the Mambo-tap as a solution for 1-3 rhythm in a static/slow moving situation without a lot of body movement - which you created in the sombrero position - they will often choose it.
    There are other solutions to the 1-3, some of them can be real 1-2-3-4s, just 1-2-3-" " means, that your intention did not come through. How the feet move isn't actually of real importance on the social floor.

    So elements to learn for you:
    a) Stop follow's momentum. Not just manipulate but really stop her gently on the point.
    b) Ingrain the 1-3 rhythm into yourself.
    c) Communicate the new rhythm to your partner.

    Do I know if this is the official version to lead this? No!
    Do I know if I used the official terminology? For sure not!
    Do I know if it works? Hell yes!
    Do I know, if the follows like it? Ask the smiling beings next to me... :D
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  5. MrR, Awesome piece of advice, thank you! (Your description of the move is indeed what I had in mind).

    I will start working on the technique you suggest.
  6. Now I have actually seen a guy do this move in a club (If you sit by the river long enough...). It's like you described:
    The guy put her into the "sombrero stance" (arms behind heads, there is a Spanish name for this position which I don't remember, maybe someone does?). Then he kept doing the mambo steps until she got the message and picked up. Then they continued doing mambo for about 5 eight-bar units. The whole show took about half a minute. Cool to watch. The guy was an advanced dancer.
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  8. I agree :)
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