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    Is it just me ? or..Are you tired of hearing Jounalists and Reporters, on main stream TV, that cannot put a sentence together, without corrupting the language ?. I just listened to a high profile ex congress member. who stated " I have just WROTE a book" etc ( hope it comes with crayons ! ). And, one of my favorites.. Jeremy Paxman, a leading broadcaster, who consistenlty pronounces Houston, as HOUSEton Texas . There are numerous other instances, from high profile journalists and broadcasters . Now, I may not always be perfect in my syntax and grammer in general, but there again, Im NOT in Journalism, print or T.V .

    There are posters on this site, where english is a second language, who write better than those noted.

    I guess education, aint what it used to be !
  2. Ciaran Hegarty

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    I thought mispronouncing foreign place names was a hallmark of good English?
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    Amen. Seattle had what were regarded as some of the best public schools in the nation in the 1960s. The district was a train wreck at least by the mid-1980's, and they took a nose dive in the mid-1990s. They continue to get worse every year.

    As a former teacher in the Seattle School District, I saw some of the best schools deliberately sabotaged by corporate interests. It's very depressing, to say the least. A century from now, Nazis may still be regarded as the greatest symbol of evil, but Americans will be remembered as a race of morons.
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    and spelin too... ;)

    Sorry, too much temptation there :D
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    LOL. like , o_O Lie sester
  6. terence

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    Another area.. but surely ( and dont call me shirley ) IF one is in the public arena,and the english language is your mode of presentation, then why the hell dont "they " get it right .
    Game show hosts, top the list for mis pronunciation of foreign words .
  7. Ciaran Hegarty

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    Don't worry, in 100 years time when The Fox Broadcasting Corporation has taken control of the world's education systems, we'll have nothing but happy memories of America and its people.

    That's assuming they leave History on the curriculum and don't replace it with back to back episodes of the Simpsons.
  8. SalsaGipsy

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    Hehe, so true. English language and the love/hate relationship between spelling and pronunciation - one would think that people would be more sensitive to the pronunciation rules in other languages. Once you get how to pronounce Leicester and Salisbury, you should know better than to take things for granted. ;)
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  10. DJ Ara

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    I can only say that if the system is going to use the controlled media to dumb people down as it has been doing for decades, then this media will not have any room for well educated and intelligent people.

    It is not just Fox News, but also CNN, BBC and the rest of the main news networks. You can put most of their reporters together and the total sum of their brains will not amount to 2 grams of intelligence, nor professionalism.

    Sometimes when tuning to media panels discussing major news events on TV, it is like listening to dumb and dumber debating with dumb and dumber.

    No one even pretends to investigate anymore. All they do is go to the authorities to hear their version of events and then they come running back to the studio and report things in their broken English, to the masses. :rolleyes:

    The masses who are for the most part dim witted regarding anything that has not got anything to do with their compartamentalized careers - together with football, basket ball, etc - in turn gobble the black and white, made for dummies version of events like hot cakes before running back to watch their silly ball games, game shows or soap operas, while thinking that they are intelligent because they have a piece of paper from some "educational" institution implying so.

    The media today is a sad skeleton of the institution that came into being to inform and protect the masses against high fraud and corruption. Nowadays they are part of this criminilaity.

    Unfortunately the world of mainstream medicine and general scientific research is not much better......... :(
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  11. Salsa Bear

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    Of course, we have to allow for artistic and colloquial usage. How could would John Wayne have been if he didn't say "ain't"? (Actually, Wayne wasn't so cool in real life; but who could resist his silver screen persona, which is what acting is all about?)

    Another example is "thang." For example, the almost religious celebration of the bluebonnet is a Texas thang.

    Then there's the Australian version of salsero - salseroo. That reminds me of the Australian tourists visiting a national park in Alaska when they saw a sign with the silhouette of a bear and the word "DANGEROUS."

    One said, "Wow, we'd better stay away from those dangaroos!" ;)
  12. hyh

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    You might as well add all of humanity to your list - white collar workers, blue collar workers, middle management, the rich, artists, musicians, dancers, people in religion business, people in government, non-science/medicine scholars, retired, unemployed, adolescents, and English teachers. :rolleyes:
  13. DJ Ara

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    There has been an intentional dumbing down of society all across the board mainly in the western countries where public opinion can make somewhat of a difference as opposed to other countries where public opinion is just "opinion".

    For example if you have millions of people out in the streets of major European and US cities demonstrating againt the invasion/bombing of a given country will make a difference. A 100 million people in South America demonstrating against the same invasion will make zilch of a difference. So, we have an ironic situation in most "First" world countries where millions are dumb as door nails regarding some important world issues.

    The phenomenon of gramatically challenged TV reporters, the theme of this very thread, is just a symptom of this relentless attack on common sense and intelligence through our educational systems, media and entertainment!
  14. hyh

    hyh Rhythm Deputy

    Dumbing down in comparison to when and where?

    The Stone Ages?

    Jerusalem at the time of Christ?

    France at the time of Joan d'Arc?

    Italy at the time of Galileo?

    Mongolia at the time of Ghenghis Khan?

    Japan at the time of Tokugawa shogunate?

    Germany during World War II?

    U.S.A. during Nixon presidency?

    1980s? 1990s? 2001? 2006?
  15. Salsa Bear

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    I'd say the United States, in particular, since the 1970s.

    The situation is eerily reminiscent of the Dark Ages. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the "civilized" world was plunged into an era of ignorance and superstition. I've always found it amazing that people who lived during this period looked not forward to the future but to the PAST. To them, the scientific, literary and artistic works of previous generations were hard to comprehend, as if they were descended from a race of Gods. It was an era when people thought Earth was flat.

    Today, creationism is in vogue, while the Magna Carta is apparently not in vogue. Like people who lived during the Medieval period, I find myself looking back in admiration at some of the great thinkers and doers of the past - Carl Sagan, Che Guevara, Jaques Cousteau, Spartacus, Helen Keller, Malcolm X.

    Isn't it amazing how history repeats itself?
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  16. DJ Ara

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    I would say the dumbing down is in comparison not with a time and place, but with what human the mind and intelect is capable of.

    The dumbing down has been going on for thousands of years one way or another. The Romans were also masters of this. Dividing up the city according to race and then throwing violent gladiatoral games to ENTERTAIN their citizens, to keep them busy. Of course, this type of thing is more sophisticated nowadays so much so that most people believe that they are free and are masters of their own destiny, while they being herded around, enslaved (through the debt trap) poisoned, terrorised and treated like they were no more than mindless beasts - I am talking now and the present.

    Anyway, I have only touched on this phenomenon because of the subject matter of this thread. I don't want to go political on this. Suffice to say, that when you see what are laughingly called "journalists" who make their living through the use of language, not capable of even using it correctly to sell their government dictated version of reality, then you realize that the dumbing down is a cross board phenomenon, which encompasses the world of entertainment, media and principally education.

    It is very telling that Terence noticed this, because he was around many years ago when "journalists", as controlled and as biased that still were then, could at least speak their mother tongue properly! Nowadays, no one seems to care. A lot of young people can't even put two sentences together and make sense.

    Lot of older and "educated" people have no idea about what NGOs are all about, nor do they have a clue about historical events such as World War 2; the Soviet Revolution, the 1979 Iranian Revolution were all about. Most people don't know how religion works; how politics work, how the medical system works! Why should they care, I mean there is great football game on tonight and six pack in the fridge nice and cold, and for most dumbos that is all that matters....

    Anyway, I am glad that Terence brought up the subject matter as it involves the important issue of education that has also been bulldozed by the powers that be!
  17. hyh

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    Tell that to someone from the time of Shakespeare. I'd bet a lot of them will say that so-called English speakers of 1950's really butchered good Old English.
  18. DJ Ara

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    I was not talking about the 1950s, just go back to the 1970s, even the 1980s. Don't get me wrong, the info provided by the "journalists" of the time were as dubious and controlled as those of today, but they could still speak their mother tongue.

    The dumbing down of education - here is some "from the horses mouth" testimony:

    Other ways of dumbing down in schools have included the lowering down of standards, aparently for journalists as well. :)
  19. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador

    That's an example of evolution, not dumbing down. Languages change over time.
  20. hyh

    hyh Rhythm Deputy

    Thanks for wasting 9 minutes of my life. That was painful. Maybe it was the editing rather than speaker, but it went nowhere for ~6 min. And after that? The incoherent lady is talking about indoctrination not education - about changing people's value system - whether it's trying to make everyone a Republican, a Democrat, an atheist, a creationist, or a fervent follower or subservient slave of the Kim dynasty of North Korea. That's more like twisting the definition of education rather than dumbing down of education.

    Then again, I suppose there's that Pink Floyd song lyric, "We don't need no education. We don't need no thought control." I believe that was complaining against the education system of 1950s?

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