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Discussion in 'Salser@s Anonymous' started by KCSalsawannabe, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. snowflake

    snowflake Sonero

    sent request ... how did I miss this for so long ??
  2. Kesh

    Kesh Son

    Requested. More ways to waste time online talking about salsa :)
  3. DJ Ara

    DJ Ara Clave Commander

    Right now I am WASTING TIME deleting invitations to events, classes and work shops on the other side of the world to me. When will the so called "salsa promoters" learn to study their market targets before sending them silly invitations.

    This is just getting on my nerves. There seems to be a competition in the International Salsa Scene between DJs, Teachers and Promoters,as to which of them are the most clueless as regards their given areas.

    I mean I don't mind being sent salsa invitations that are in my local area, even if I won't be able to make it to them, because I understand that the promoters have to promote, but what I don't appreciate is getting an invitation, to of all things, a bachata workshop somewhere in East England, while I am sitting in the World Salsa Capital of Cali, with not a single reference to liking Bachata/Reggeaton/Kizomba/Zouk/etc. in my profile!!!

    Do these "promoters" even read anyone's profile????:mad:
  4. sagitta

    sagitta Pattern Police

    I sent a request. Hopefully someone will add me before long.
  5. sagitta

    sagitta Pattern Police

    I so feel you. I do get a lot of invites to events in my region - up to 3 hours away from where I live -via facebook, which I don't mind. However, the other day someone tagged me to a poster. That was too much, and I promptly removed my name tagging as I didn't want that on my wall.
  6. DancingGuy

    DancingGuy Rhythm Deputy

    Didn't know SF had a group on Facebook. Just joined.
  7. DJ Ara

    DJ Ara Clave Commander

    Yes, I accept reasonable attempts at getting me to attend events and clubs, but you would expect a promoter to read your location before sending you invites, and it gets worst, because apparently some of them do enter my profile to copy my email address, but do not bother to check and see where I live or wether I am a Kizomba fan...LOL!

    There is another guy in the US who insists on sending me multiple messages on my wall and privately inviting me to his events. He even makes it personal, as in "hey Ara, what's up", before inviting me to his events. Well, I have told him on multiple occasions (and politely) that I do not live in the US, but the man keeps sending me the damn messages.

    The worst part is that this kind of unprofessionalism in the International Salsa Scene does NOT come as a surprise - and that is sad!
  8. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador

    Some promoter here in Seattle was putting out the word about a new club that sounded that sounded absolutely over the top. Of course, he highlighted the SEXY atmosphere and SEXY women - and it even had an indoor waterfall. I thought it sounded like some sort of video arcade for teenagers.

    I don't recall the details, but the grand opening never happened. I'm not sure if the club even exists.

    Anyway, I'm glad I never went.

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