Existencial Salsa Crisis. Ideas how to continue?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by TomSchueler, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Thanks to all the people who gave great advice! I really appreciate it and hope I can incoporate many of your suggestions into my dancing. I think this thread got a little "hijacked", though. I would appreciate if the discussion about other members of the forum could continue in a place where it is a better fit!

    Thanks, guys!
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    I guess it's the dominance of the pre-party lessons format, combined with the Israeli culture (As I explained before, a few times already, everyone are way too friendly with everyone, way to easily) that makes it happen.

    I mean, I am going to that place already - I am paying the same entering fee whether I go to the lesson or just straight to the party, then if I have time for that, why not?
    There will be a few different lessons for different levels of dancers, simultanously, each one consists of 1-2 instructors. Instructors' work isn't necessarily finished after the class is over, as they are expected to dance with their students, help people, answer questions...So the same way it isn't as weird for you to dance with your private tutor, it is not really rare to see people practicing / teaching / demonstrating / explaining...things to others, from the same gender.
    Now, I didn't count other instructors (On their day off), or instructors from other clubs who may join classes for the heck of it (Often helping evening couples out), students of instruction-courses who are encouraged to takes classes for their opposite gender, people who are over with the syllabus and want to learn the other role...I personally just locate the class that needs help and go in, regardless of its level.

    Now add to the formula the fact that everyone is friends with everyone...It wouldn't be that weird for a guy to invite me, or for me to ask a dance (as a follow).
    It may be just for the kicks (And boy-boy dances are often very full of humour), or because I feel like being a follow, or because there are no girls left...Cuban is considered the 'fun' and "not serious" type of "Salsa" here anyways. I guess that weird stigma does have its merits. Gender switching in linear is rare here, no doubt.

    C'mon, guys are many times just big children. ;)
    Pair two cool and funny guys together, especially if they are friends, and the result may actually be devastatingly hillarious - in a way only two awesome "bros" can acheive. ;)

    These ones:

    Oops. :rolleyes:
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    Discussed a few times before. In this context, Israeli society may not be similar to the western European and American society where male-male contact is viewed through lens of homophobia.

    It is very common in other cultures (middle eastern, persian, Indian, and a large swath of Asia) for men to exhibit mannerisms in their social interactions with each other, than in western Europe and USA would be judged as what gays would do. I would say even the latin culture (which I am told is strongly homophobic) has men being more friendly with other men (ofcourse they won't dance with each other) than in western Europe and USA. My experience in Africa has been similar.

    It is interesting to note that, all above cultures very strongly detest gays or gay lifestyle. A sociologist may be able to explain it better on why males interact more freely with each other in all these places where there is a very strong to intense societal disapproval of gayism (had to make up that word). On the other hand in places like western Europe and USA which have made great strides in accepting gayism as normal, the males are really scared of any kind of affectionate/friendly mannerisms amongst themselves.
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    Yeah, a kind of similar story like with Yoel and racism as shown here and elsewhere ...

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