Differences between Cuban Salsa and Casino on the dance floor

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by TomSchueler, Jan 28, 2017.

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    Agree. But if are talking about something as specific as Cuban motion, then the only important factor would seem to be who started early.
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    Well ... it was that some BR guys went to Cuba in the 1st half of XX ct, saw some Cubans dancing and moving the hips some way, then returned back and tried incorporating it in BR, however making it more easy to European / American eyes and suitable to classy performances ... hence the term cuban movement. It is a generic term without some precise evaluation/specification ... if you come to Oliver Pineda, it looks one way, if you come to Frankie, it looks other way, if you come to Franklin Diaz, different again etc ... if you come to BR latin class different again, and also depending on the teacher ... and what about rumba, orishas ... so I don't think there is something "as specific as Cuban movement" unless I'm missing something or it's about specific version of that movement by particular teacher or observed from particular group of people ...
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    Agree with everything above. The original argument if I recall was in two parts:

    1. Can certain motion or movement be natural to people from certain region. My take is no, it cannot be - unless someone (from that region) got an early start.
    2. One of the posters questioning appropriateness of outsiders ascribing labels not used in the place of origin. 'Cuban motion' was used as an example (I think) of one such label invented by outsiders. My contention was that the places of origins probably never had a label for it in first place.
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    I get that when I try to access stuff in the US sometimes. Maybe non-European sites are blocked...and now you'll never know what it was ;)
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    I prefer to walk with balls of feet landing first :)
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