Dancing with latinas who are untrained

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by isaacjunk, Mar 18, 2017.

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    Yeah he's making fun of her. (Was it the watch-check that gave it away? ). In his defense she more than half deserves it. I bet she regretted drinking that much the next morning (assuming she even remembered it).

    But if you look at the dancers in the background, some are doing lead/follow and others are just freestyling. In a mixed venue like that, you can't expect any rando you pick up to have the idea of lead/follow. I'd say if you are dancing with someone who expects to freestyle you should just do so right along with them. You can't lead someone who doesn't have the concept of following.
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    As long as we agree that salsa is not a US only cultural heritage then am ok with that. Now, commercialisation is not bad, but there are limits! US has a very successful recent history, a very liberal approach and a strong commercial capacity but just because this is the case, it does not mean we have to exclude or diminish the role of others.
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    I am not fully sure of who is making fun of who. :DThe lady knows how to dance but maybe not salsa. Those double spins she does don't come with dance beginners!
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    Basic principle I was told by many dance teachers (mostly - but not only - ladies; and never by salsa "teachers"): "Anything goes wrong on the dance floor, its the man's fault"! I give you an example, if she is drunk why did you ask her to dance and what do you expect from that dance? It is like trying to drive a car when you know that the breaks don't work. And if all the ladies in the club are drunk then its again the man's fault! Why did he go to that club in the first place? :p I did that mistake once, not knowing when first visiting a latin club in Italy! The only decent thing of the night was dancing quickstep with a 60year old! Don't ask!:facepalm:
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    I don't know why you have to put up strawman's argument (which more often than not you do tend to do)! You do know what is strawman argument, right?

    I haven't read Marcos claiming either of the above.
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    That doesn't fit any dance style that I know of :D May it be it is too-much-drinks dancing style!
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    We have discuss that and you can search for those threads. On some philosophical principle level it is fine state that. But just because teachers have been perpetuating that doesn't make it correct or true. But there are contexts. Given how prevalent it is, I will say this is bs. A lot can go wrong on the dance floor without leader doing anything at all! Saying it is man's fault is as false as saying following is lady's role.

    I have been asked by drunk ladies to dance, which I haven't ever turned down. I may have asked by someone who had a few drinks. Sometimes it is not possible to know drunk the person is (i.e. in dancing context whether they can hold their balance).

    Ha ha. A lot of ladies will love you and if you are not married, you shall make a perfect husband :D
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    Did you read the caption on the video?
    It says, "When they tell you, 'How well you dance! Here, take my friend!'" :)
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    He's being a total diva. She's just having fun so I don't see what the problem is.
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    Generally, everybody is responsible for own decisions, so in that sense it's always *MY* fault, but sometimes you have no other choice. For instance, there is no other dancing in town. Or drunk lady asked you for a dance and you don't want to be an a**hole. Or lady who is a bad dancer asked you for a dance. Or you are stuck with some partner for some reason although there might be better partners for you. Or something else went wrong.

    I was told that it's always a man's fault by a number of teachers (including some salsa, maybe even kizomba teachers). However, there was a strong correlation between that statement and their inability to teach girls their role in dancing. Those that were able to teach followers were also able to tell which was leaders and which follower's fault
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    A myth perpetuated by dance teachers..:D
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  12. Marcos

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    I don't even know where to start answering this. You posts lack the sort of nuance and elegance that make me question so many things about you. I can only laugh thinking about the implications of your post; I've just shown up to a place, all the ladies are drunk, and I'm to blame for their state? I guess It's my fault I didn't arrive earlier and the ladies just couldn't help themselves to drink while waiting! I remember a club in Panama that didn't allow men until later in the evening, but I'm sure it's still my fault that I didn't barge in and knock the bartenders out to prevent the ladies drinking until we were allowed in.

    These sort of views are what I would expect maybe in 1917, but not in 2017 when we should know women are just as capable as men of being responsible for their behavior.

    BTW, for some reason I'm reminded now of my trip to Singapore. I was dancing and I dropped a girl, I felt horrible. Yet she met me the following day and bought me lunch.
  13. DJ Yuca

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    Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen. Never fails.
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    Yuca! You did not just say that!

    Moderator's note: SF does not condone dropping followers on their heads.
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    [QUOTE="Marcos, post: 326082, member: 299598

    BTW, for some reason I'm reminded now of my trip to Singapore. I was dancing and I dropped a girl, I felt horrible. Yet she met me the following day and bought me lunch.[/QUOTE]

    Imagine what she would have done, had you knocked her out !! :D:rolleyes:
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    Not even to get their attention ? :rolleyes::D
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    Just the last sentence is enough! Own what? The cultural heritage Salsa? Come on! They can claim a piece of it! And what is this is about the size of latino population. What about where the recordings are a made or where people have their homes?

    Sometimes it is best to be specific otherwise we leave the wrong impression lingering in the air. If it was not intentional then ok but...

    In any case I made point so I leave it there.
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    Interesting, I find it the other way around in salsa! It is mostly the "teachers" that cannot teach followers that blame them all the time. ;) The worst is that they even blame followers that are 10 times better than them!

    On your first paragraph I will answer when I respond to @Marcos ' comment!
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    I like elegance in simplicity so I will try to be short.
    1) There is a reason why a leader is called a leader! Like a manager it is their responsibility to get things right, from the position on the floor to the leading of the sequence of moves. Dancewise I used to think like you when things were going wrong. Now I realise that in a great number of occassions the inability of the lady to perform a move or action maybe because am preventing her to do so (wrong hold, slight overturn, etc). So before I start looking at my dance partner I look at what am doing first!
    2) On your club example, if all the ladies are drunk you still have choices, best one is to leave; another is to sit somewhere and just enjoy the music and the drunken show.
    3) Things have changed since 1917. We are talking about dancing here not social responsibility. In 1917, in dancing, just being in closed hold could have been a reason for trouble!

    On a final comment, personally I hate it when people with inability to argue start personal attacks like "your questions about me". I could not care less to be honest.
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    Yes and like all GOOD myths, there is usually some truth in them, or at least a good moral lesson to learn! :)

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