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    To the lady Vinyl Dj who played the second set at Le Salsa club in Paris last night .....Tres superb....c'etait spectaculaire!!! Best night of music and dancing so far in Paris. Meeting all my Paris youtube heros....
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  2. Hexlibris

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    Mambo_cec and lidiap are famous! Already have 2 videos of both dancing by Steve starmambo ;)
  3. CarmenP

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    Hello Hexlibris, we are 2 Australian ladies visiting Paris 25th May to 5th June. Can you tell us where to dance Kizomba in Paris? Also, which will be the best Salsa or Bachata nights during that time?

    MAMBO_CEC Sabor Ambassador

    Dancing in Paris:

    Reflections on an On2 dancer in the city of light:

    First night: O’Sullis, -Live band. Second most fun night on the trip. Danced with some wonderful follows. Met SFer Hexlibris, and to top it all off a friend from Seattle showed up unexpectedly. I would say that some of the follows I danced with that night were technically, some of the best in Paris that I danced with the whole time there. Pamela from Lyon (Lots of fun to dance with), Caroline (My all-time favorite, as I danced with her the most, she attended all the events I did.) Crystel (One of my YouTube heroes)-The Amanda Estilo of Paris. Aorla easily the most musical French follow that I encountered. The band was awesome; the last time I had such a great time dancing to a live band was Sonora San Juanera in PR. Yes folks, Hexlibris is an awesome dancer, we also met Moussa Mike, whom everyone seems to know, what a cool guy, he and Hexlibris made us feel so welcome. Also this where I saw one of the most intense leads I have ever seen.

    Second Night: Salsounds 70’s- This was the one I was really looking forward to! I had heard so much about it. The location was in one of the Paris’ banlieues, relatively easy to get to by Metro, but difficult to get back if you’re staying in the center of Paris. We had to take a Taxi back and were pleasantly surprised that it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I had some good/great dances but I have to say the music was just okay. Here again I had some wonderful dances with Caroline, but I did however get to dance with the lovely Mathilde (Another YouTube hero). I did also get to meet Mouaze and his lovely partner Ella, I would have liked to dance with Ella, but she was in great demand, so I couldn’t get near her to ask her. There was a performance by a ladies team, which was a whole lot better than the performances I see locally (thank god for that!!). I also met Freddy another YouTube hero! Another thing that blew me away was the amount of follows most of them young hotties (they would be considered that in my venue), who were just sitting and not being asked, my friend Salsa student should move here lol!!, definitely not lead heavy, come on French leads what’s up with that? It is also here I became acquainted with the strange On2 timing, people saying they dance on2, but don’t hit the 2 and 6 consistently, so most of the time you’re out of sync. I also saw a lot of people who turned out to be good leads just hanging out.

    Third night:-Le Salsa Club Party–Saturday Night, again location in the Banlieu, it was an adventure to get there. You have to take the Metro from the center of Paris, and then you take a bus that drops you off in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, then you hear the sounds of Salsa music. This was by far the best night dancing salsa in Paris. I danced practically non-stop, some super follows, I danced with one follow who kept going on about “dancing with feeling” in French, it wasn’t until she grabbed me again later on to dance that I figured out what she meant. A lot of those much talked about French leads were there that night, like Cedric, Didier (the Chris Rock of Paris Salsa). He laughed when I called him that, our friend Yan who came to New York. The evening contained one of the most amazing sets played by a DJ IMO ever, the music was off the hook, and this amazing Lady Vinyl Dj called Cyrine!! I also danced some awesome Cha Cha Chas, which I don’t normally get the opportunity to. Great vibe, great music, great dancing. Lots of leads doing very intricate and complex turn patterns. One dude had some amazing footwork to go with his fun and intricate turn patterns, I had to high-five him. What else can you ask for? Here I must thank Caroline for giving us a ride back to the center of Paris, which saved us a lot of money on Taxi fare.

    Fourth night: - O’sullis again, I don’t know if I was tired from the exertions of the previous nights but I didn’t enjoy this night so much, for me it was the worst night of dancing on the trip, I had maybe 4 “great” dances, but the rest were not good, again the reason being timing, people’s timing was all over the place, I even began to question my timing. The ladies I did dance with for the great dances were top quality, luckily Caroline was there to dance with, she of all the French follows had the most NY feel to her dancing. Overall not a great night and on this night more than most, the much vaunted French leads were hanging out even Mr. Intense.

    Fifth Night: Agua, the venue was located on a boat on the Seine, with Salsa and Kizomba rooms, with the last O’Sullis’ experience in the back of my mind I stepped forth into this establishment with great trepidation, but it turned out great, I had a wonderful night of dancing for our last night there. Again another friend of ours showed up from Seattle, a lady who started out as a salsera but then went over to the K#&@BA ville. Shaka Brown was in the house!! For some strange reason there seemed to be a lot of people from the east coast USA in attendance that night, as I said before my amazing dance that night was with Maya from Hotlanta (Turns out she’s an ex SFer-way to go SF!!!), there were a few other memorable dances, especially the last one of the night from a French salsera who played around with the music a lot.

    Overall impressions: The sheer volume of people who can dance ON2, or say they can. Lots of technically gifted dancers, lot of leads who can do beautifully executed intricate and innovative turn patterns. Lots of people who dance On1, Salsa and Cha Cha Cha. A few musical dancers and they normally turned out to be some of the very best in Paris. The ones who are good are very good. Would I love to go dancing there again? Heck yes, after all it’s my favorite city in the whole wide world!!!
  5. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Nice to hear that you guys enjoyed your stay. Once again apologies for not hanging out more with you guys, but work and personal appointments prevented it.
    FYI Cyrine is one of the residents at O'Sullivan's
  6. shaka

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    And it was a pleasant surprise to see you guys out there as well. Agua is a lot of fun, I like the concept a lot, and to be able to say you were dancing Mambo on a boat docked on the Seine river, that's not a "ho hum" thing. Leon has been making waves everywhere he goes eh?
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  7. lidiap

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    Ha, Shaka resurfaced on SF! Hope by now you recovered from running the marathon and also the marathon dancing and traveling, lol!
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  8. shaka

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    Yeah, it's been an interesting trip to say the least. I'm glad to be alive. Something to be thankful for every time I can open my eyes and walk again. The marathon was a blast, It was refreshing to be back in Europe after death bed hiatus. Rock on!
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  9. Smejmoon

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    If you had to choose between Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday (August, 25th till 27th), which would be it? And which party? I'll have one day.
  10. thepresenceon2

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    Great review, I need to add Paris to my list.. Moussa Mike is a very cool dude. Really good people's. Crystel, yes fun fun fun, lol at the Amanda Estilo reference, and accurate.. Bad to the bone those two.... Mayan empire is also fierce... Dude, that's a great trip... Sheesh... Slightly jelly....
  11. Hexlibris

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    Sorry for not replying earlier, but i was on vacations.

    Tuesday (Agua) or Sunday (Barrio Latino/O'Sullivans) will be the only salsa parties you have until mid/late September.
    Both Salsounds and Salsa Club are stopped during July and August, so September is when it restarts.

    Let me know if you need more info :)
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  12. Smejmoon

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    How early does salsa dancing start? I see kizomba starts at 22, but party itself at 18:00.
  13. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Both for Agua and O'Sulli, if you just want to go dance, i wouldn't go before 21h.
    Pretty sure hardcore dancers will even arrive a bit later then that :)
  14. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Steve just released a small teaser for Salsa @ O'Sullivans
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  15. CZa

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    Hi everyone and especially Hexlibris,

    I will be in Paris from next Saturday 05/09 until Friday 11/09. I've been doing my research into the salsa scene, but I would love to receive some tips/comments from local people.

    On Sunday, I'm planning on going to Barrio Latino and O'Sulli (After sadly finding out that I'm missing l'salsa club and SalSounds 70s, I am happy that Ser-j is guest DJ this Sunday). Other than that, I don't know if there are any nights worth attending this Saturday, on the weekdays and on Friday 11/09.

    Any info is very welcome.

    Thanks in advance and best regards,

  16. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    hi CZa

    Im currently in Amsterdam for work, so im still not sure ill arrive in time for o'Sulli on Sunday.
    If i will ill drop you a PM here in SF so that we can at least meet.
  17. CZa

    CZa Changui

    Hi Hexlibris,

    Yes, please do send me a PM if you finally make it: it will be nice to meet you. Also, if you find out about any relevant nights before the following Saturday, please let me know.

    Meanwhile, I hope you are making the most of Amsterdam salsa-wise.


  18. Thornado

    Thornado Changui

    I just arrived in Paris today and will also be staying until Friday. If you hear of anything worthwhile going to (relatively central) in the middle of the week, I would be happy to hear about it.
  19. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Hi there!

    Tomorrow you have the Agua party. Its at the Concord Atlantique.

    Hope you have some fun :)
  20. Thornado

    Thornado Changui

    Yes, I went to Agua on Tuesday, and it was good fun.
    I noticed that there is a place called "La Pachanga" very close to my hotel. Any chance there will be any decent dancing happening there tonight?
    From what I could understand from their web page, they are mostly a Cuban place - will I find any linear dancers there?

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