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  1. WessexSalsero

    WessexSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    Hexlibris, what are the big Salsa events in Paris (other than the congress/festivals)?
    Do you have big monthly events with multiple rooms?

    I would like to do some research for my next trip and would be greatful for your advice. Merci d'avance!
  2. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    [QUOTdefinitelySalsero, post: 285052, member: 3227"]Hexlibris, what are the big Salsa events in Paris (other than the congress/festivals)?
    Do you have big monthly events with multiple rooms?

    I would like to do some research for my next trip and would be greatful for your advice. Merci d'avance![/QUOTE]

    You definitely have weekly events with multiple rooms. Depending what you're looking for i can recommend different things.
    The best monthly socials are for sure, le salsa club and salsounds.
    Let me know what you are looking for and i can provide more detailed info
  3. WessexSalsero

    WessexSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    Yes, Le Salsa Club looks excellent! What's the usual setup: main Salsa/Mambo room and one Kizomba/Bachata room? How many people would you estimate come along?
    I am looking for a Friday/Saturday event that you would describe as the biggest with the best party atmosphere..in your opinion, of course, I appreciate others might have different views.
    Followed by O'Sulli on the Sunday which in my view offers the most interesting dance experience!

    Looking at my diary, we are talking early summer so no rush. I think in Paris you also have nights that are only open during the summer, right?
  4. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Friday/Saturday will be a mostly latin club night, not so much a party by itself.
    Le Salsa Club and Salsounds, are pure salsa dura, cha cha, etc, no kiz/bachata room, but definitely worthy. Both O'sullivans and Barrio Latino on Sundays offer great dancing oportunities, and you have Agua on Tuesday. Afterwards if you dance cuban, there are other places you can try.
    As you said, there are summer only places where you can party afterwork, but the planning for those wasnt released yet. For reference, Salsa on the docks of paris, are a cool event that happens 2 or 3 times per week, for a period of 2 or 3 months.
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  5. WessexSalsero

    WessexSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    Would that be outside by the river?
    I have danced twice on boats in Paris (alizé and concorde atlantique) and it was very very enjoyable.
    Thanks very much for your help thus far and getting the excitement factor going! I shall revisit this thread closer to summer next year - and if you ever come over to our little island don't hesitate to ask for recommendations :)
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  6. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    the party on the Concorde Atlantique happens every tuesday. Its the Agua :)
    The other yes, its by the river.
  7. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura Maestro 'Sonero' Lavoe

    Hi Hexlibris & all Paris SFers,

    I am in Europe for a few weeks and would love to come visit you :) I am thinking of coming the weekend of Jan. 30 to catch the Sal'Sounds 70s party which I understand is one of the best ones :) (for on2/NY style). I can stay until Wednesday Feb. 5, as I will then continue on to Amsterdam and/or Edinburgh, which both have salsa festivals the weekend of Feb. 6-8 (I am going to try to do both :)).

    Could you please let me now what events you recommend between Jan. 30 and Feb. 5? Thanks very much and I look forward to meeting some of you in Paris :)
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  8. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Hi Sabs!,

    Salsounds will be as you said Jan 30th, and its definitely a good party. Once the Le SalsaClub releases its new date, i'll let you know.
    FYI Salsounds, its always on a Friday, and Salsa Club on Saturday. Afterwards, i would recommend that you try both Barrio Latino and O'Sullivans (Sunday). Barrio Latino starts around 16h, and O'Sullivans after 21h so you can do both on the same day :)
    And Tuesday, go ahead and enjoy Agua at the Concorde Atlantique. Its on a boat, so it offers a completely different scenery, that i'm sure you will also enjoy.
    We'll keep in touch, i'll give you my contact if it interests you so that we can discuss further.
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  9. lidiap

    lidiap Descarga

    I’m following this thread, as my hubby (MAMBO_CEC) and I are contemplating a trip to Paris in spring. We are on2 dancers and the music we prefer is hardcore salsa – dura, clasica. I understand that the places mentioned just above are good for on2 dancers, right? I still have some questions, as we have a hard time pinpointing a good schedule, trying to capture most of the on2 events.

    Our ideal time to go would be end of April/beginning of May, but that’s when the MamboCity congress is happening in London. The question is – would this congress have an influence on the Paris events that weekend? Would a lot of the on2, or the better dancers be absent, going to this congress? (We’re not really interested in going to Mambocity, but we might consider it for a night maybe.)

    Same question related to the Paris Kizomba EMOÇAO Festival in April https://www.facebook.com/events/611770318937652/ – are many of the salsa dancers into kizomba as well and maybe will go to that festival?

    We’d really like to check out LeSalsa’Club and tried to figure out their schedule but it doesn’t look like they have a regular one, correct? Do you know when during the month they are more likely to have their events?

    Are the SalsAlianza and Saturday Mouaze Fever dance events still happening? By looking at their FB pages they seem to be dead.

    I looked at the Forum SalsaFrance website – it’s somewhat helpful but a little cumbersome to navigate. If you know of any other sources for events would you please post them? (I speak French)

    I know that’s a lot of questions - thank you very much for any assistance and for keeping this thread updated!
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  10. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Hi! First of all Paris in the spring is awesome, sometimes better then in the summer (sunnier and less crowded).
    For salsa dura, etc you should definitely check Salsounds and LeSalsa Club. Both are great events, with the best usually the best Parisian dancers being regulars.

    Checking the MamboCity 5stars event page, havent seen anyone registering for it (from people that i personally know). there might be some dancers going, but i haven't recall hearing any of my friends going or talking about anyone that went.

    You will definitely see salsa dancers at the event. I know several that like to dance Kizomba. Not sure about how many will go for now though.

    Rule of thumb, happens once a month, not on the same weekend as Salsounds. Usually salsounds is on the last friday of the month, so it wont happen on that weekend. The schedule is usually uploaded a couple weeks before.
    Track the event here: https://www.facebook.com/LeSalsaClubParty

    Not as far as i know. Haven't happened for a while now.

    Usually i just use facebook to track all of the events. Certain people that i know and am friends with, will advertise everything, so that's how do it.

    No problem at all, my pleasure!

    The easier way, is when you guys are ready to book your travel and set in stone the dates, there should be be more info regarding events around that time frame :)
  11. lidiap

    lidiap Descarga

    Thank you very much @Hexlibris for taking the time to respond. Of course, I realize that it is very early to know specific details about future events in spring, I was trying to just get a sense of things based on your previous experience or knowledge, so we can figure out the best time to go. For example (regarding MamboCity), when we have our congress here in Seattle most good dancers from nearby cities Vancouver and Portland are here, so that wouldn't be a good time to visit those cities for salsa. But yes, I'll keep an eye on FB, especially later.
    So now we're debating about going towards the of May instead of April, still don't know... We've been to Paris several times before, but not for dancing. So it will be nice to not have much else on the agenda but dance, eat and... flâner... Looking forward to it!
    Thank you again for your help:)
  12. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    May should be a good time to come over. There are 3 bank holidays (1st, 8th and 14th), and last year there were some mid week parties), and the weather is generally awesome :)
  13. lidiap

    lidiap Descarga

    Well, for various reasons, we actually decided to go in April, during the last two weeks. We just got our tickets! Thank you very much again for your feedback and I hope we can meet in Paris:) Still have to wait a while though...
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  14. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Absolutely! During the last 2 weeks of April you will get Salsounds on April 24th, maybe even a Salsa Club, and some o'sullivans parties.
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  15. CZa

    CZa Changui

    Hello everybody,

    I will be visiting Paris this weekend (27 February - 2 March), and I'd love to make the most of its renowned salsa scene. My idea is to go to Salsounds 70s on Friday and to Barrio Latino and O’Sullivan’s on Sunday, but I am totally open to any other alternatives recommended by locals. Also, I don't know if there are any parties/events worth attending on Saturday. My favourite dancing styles are cross body on2 or on1, but preferably not Cuban.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Best regards,

  16. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Hi Cza!

    The 3 major events in Paris this weekend are exactly the ones you talked about.
    Below you can find the Facebook event pages, so that you have a reference of where and when it is. FYI O'Sulli this weekend is Salsabor party, so Didier (aka Parisian Chris Rock) will give the course which is usually a good thing :)

    Salsounds 70s - https://www.facebook.com/events/1408197669479437/ (Mouaze doing the course)
    Barrio Latino - https://www.facebook.com/groups/dimanchesalsaportobarrio/ (event will be posted here, usually its Mab doing the courses)
    Salsa O'Sulli - https://www.facebook.com/events/661842963944259/ (Didier doing the course)
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  17. CZa

    CZa Changui

    Thank you very much Hexlibris. Then I think I'll stick with the sightseeing on Saturday and go to bed early to be fresh for the Sunday salsa marathon.

    Best regards,
  18. lidiap

    lidiap Descarga

    Happy to report that our Paris salsa calendar is pretty much complete and we’ll be able to hit all the events we were interested in, yay! :dancingbanana: LeSalsa’Club just announced their April event, it’s on the 25th, the same weekend as Salsounds 70’s. Together with Barrio Latino and O’Sulli, that will be a crazy marathon weekend! As of now, I don’t see anything special the previous weekend (Saturday), but will keep looking.
    @Hexlibris we’ll pm you for meeting details soon.:)
  19. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    sweet! Let me know once you guys are coming over :)
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    MAMBO_CEC Capitán Del Estilo

    Hexlibris has mad skillz . Dude I like your dancing!!

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