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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by lolita, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. lolita

    lolita Capitán Del Estilo

    I will be there from the 7th to the 11th of this month and I was wondering if there are a few salsa nights taking place.

    Anybody has any insider tips?
  2. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo

    Cantinero at Marie Heineken square is where I used to go. They have parties Wednesdays to Sundays and the strong nights are Friday and Saturday. The level was good then but a friend who went there recently on a Saturday said that the level was lower now. In any case it's free entry so you can leave if you don't like it and go somewhere else.

    Maybe somebody with more recent experience can help out here?

    Here is an event I found in the agenda for Saturday 8 Aug:
    open air salsa DJ+workshop+shows
    location: BEURSPLEIN
    Salsa en la Calle with afterparty in Café Beurs van Berlage
    from 14:00, free entry

    Sorry, that's all the info I have.
  3. lolita

    lolita Capitán Del Estilo

    Thanks alot :)
  4. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    ok, so I had just typed an entire post including links and everything when I got distracted and accidentally closed the window :s

    Here goes again... even though I was born and raised in Amsterdam and I can tell you loads about the city and it's history I'm not a salsa insider. Actually, I haven't even gone out dancing in Amsterdam. Go figure. I really should change that some day as I'm only about 45 minutes away.

    Back to the topic at hand though...

    Salsa-Amsterdam.nl has an agenda listing a lot of the parties in Amsterdam. It seems there are less than usual but I guess that's because everybody runs out of Holland to go to sunnier places during the summer :).

    Salsainfo.nl lists some more parties for Sunday. Between those 2 sites all parties in Amsterdam seem to be covered.

    If you have access to a car then there are some other parties that might be options as well:

    Sat 8th
    Salsa Pitstop. Salsa dancing at the race track in Zandvoort. Unfortunately the site (as some of the others that will be linked) seems to be only in Dutch.

    Sun 9th
    Salsa aan de plasSalsa at the Vinkeveense plassen (a lake area close to Amsterdam)

    Salsa on the beach in Egmond aan Zee.

    As a lot of the sites are in Dutch I guess it could get a bit confusing. If there's anything you would like translated just give me a shout.

    Hope you have a great time in Amsterdam!
  5. lolita

    lolita Capitán Del Estilo

    Yayyyyyyy :D:D:D:D:D Thank You
  6. redsalsero

    redsalsero Sonero

    - Friday 7th Copa Cabana http://www.brasazouk.com/

    - Saturday 8th Beurs plaza @ beurs van berlage

    and also multicultural festival kwakoe also salsa there i believe.. if not well then lots to see eh ;). to reach it @ Bijlmerpark along Gooiseweg .. Karspeldreef. take Bus 41,47,357 Halte Florijn of Halte Anton de Komplein

    Sunday also kwakoe

    Unfortunatly its a bad date from 7 to 11th most partys are between wednesday and sunday and i think cantinero would be your best bet you can stay longer in weekend till 3 am
  7. GRx

    GRx Sonero

    I'll be there Aug 27-31. Was supposed to go with a friend but now I am going solo. Anyone got info on the Salsa Lounge Party and other events that weekend?
  8. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    Hi GRx,

    Check the sites I linked for Lolita. They should help.

    I'll also let you know if I hear anything. Just in case I forget though.... remind a couple of days before you go to Ams.
  9. GRx

    GRx Sonero

    Thanks Bas

    Can you recommend any cheap but safe places to stay in the Centrum?
  10. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    I've never had to book a room in Amsterdam so I'm going by second hand information here but, the hostels are all safe and some friends of mine said really good things about the Hi Hostel in the centre

    Some of them have stayed in dorms, others in private rooms and so far I have heard nothing but good things.

    I'll get some links for other ones as well and post them later. I'll also ask some of my friends that did stay in hotels in Amsterdam if they can recommend anything.
  11. sunsoul

    sunsoul Shine Officer

    My salsa friend who was just in Tokyo lives in Amsterdam. I will see what she recommends....
  12. GRx

    GRx Sonero

    Okay I booked my place. I'll be right in the centrum. Kinda disappointed I am going alone but I'll have to make the best of it. In my experience, no matter where I go I know salsa peeps are accommodating and friendly so that gives me comfort.
  13. GRx

    GRx Sonero

    bas, checked out the websites

    I think I will definitely try to check out the Salsa Lounge on Sunday. It's at the Hotel Arena.

    Depending on what I am doing or who I meet maybe Cantinero on Thursday and Friday and not sure about Saturday.

    It looks to be 1.5km away from where I will be staying. How safe is it to walk from Rembrandt Square to there?
  14. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    Hotel Arena to Rembrandtplein is a little bit further I think. Not much, somewhere around 2km I'd say. The walk to Rembrandtplein is a bit boring but perfectly safe. That said, you can also take the tram there (think it's #20 but I'll have to check) which will get you there in a couple of minutes.
  15. GRx

    GRx Sonero

    Sorry I should be clear. Thursday I will be close to the Red Light District. Fri, Sat I have to move to Rembrandtplein near the club Rain (just saw they have salsa here on Thurs). Then Sunday I move back to the Red Light where I was originally on Thursday.
  16. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    In that case tram 9 will take you there. You can still walk, it would just take about 10-15 minutes longer :)
  17. Andree

    Andree Son

    Hi, if you are in Holland for a vew days and you only goes to Club Rain,cantinero and Salsa Lounge you will the best from Holland.

    Club Rain and cantinero are small and there are a lot non dancers.
    Salsa Lounge one salsa room and two others with latin house and Latin Eclectic ....

    To me for that weekend you have to go to Utrecht Utrecht at friday
    Salsa Casa Loca met DJs en (inter)nationale acts
    Aanvang 22.30 uur Entree € 15,- / vvk € 12,50 (www.salsacasaloca.nl)
    I understand that is not in Amsterdam, but it only an half an hour away.
    defently the best party in Holland!

    Last weeks we talk a lot about the difference between Amsterdam and Utrecht. And we came up with Amsterdam is to pick up a girl and Utrecht is to dance Salsa.
  18. sunsoul

    sunsoul Shine Officer

    Some info from my friend on the salsa scene in Amsterdam:

    "Cantinero is the place where I took lessons... and that I do consider home! It is a little bit like Caribe but with a tapas restaurant...and cocktails DO contain alcohol. You will always find people dancing salsa in there from 10.30 to 12.45 Wednesdays, Thursday and Sunday. On Saturday and Sunday instead closed at 2.45. Free.

    During Summer period however there is a very special and nice place to visit on Thursday night Latin Breeze Party at Westergasfabriek from 20.00 to 12.45 please check the web site http://www.westergasfabriek.nl/english/engels_routebeschrijving.php It is not in the center of the city but well connected with public transportation.
    This is a party that should not be missed, the location is great (http://www.westergasfabriek.nl/english/engels_history.php). You generally dance salsa outside until11.00 after that inside. Great ambiance. Free.

    On Sunday definitely Salsa Lounge party at hotel Arena: this party is just once a month. Another one of those that should not be missed. You have the BEST salsa dancer in there. I advise to get the ticket in advance sometime gets sold out. The party is inside a former church and there is a salsa dancing floor and a disco one. Dj Mauri will be there and he is the best salsa DJ in Holland. http://www.salsalounge.nl/
    It starts at 18.00 but nothing is going on before 20.00 generally. There is a trendy restaurant and an hotel there so they can also start the evening with a dinner there.
    Please notice that in Amsterdam salsa places ARE crowded, sometime even more that Caribe. This party are most of all LA on 1. If they dance Cuban and the floor is busy I will suggest to watch out to respect the space of others (people really respect the lines). Are your friends a couple? Still is a Latino dance but for a lady there it is fine to ask a guy to dance. If people do not know you it might take longer before being invited. Generally when they see you dance good (with others!!!) it goes by itself. 18/20 euro
  19. redsalsero

    redsalsero Sonero

    club rain's floor is terrible. but that mayby a problem with my shoes. also its more of a club than a salsa place.
  20. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    Funilly enough I've heard salseros from Amsterdam saying the same thing... about Utrecht :D

    I guess it has to do with not wanting to ruin your own scene.

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