Dancing a whole song without spins..

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Offbeat, Sep 25, 2017.

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    A while ago now, there was this very long very epic thread, that I don't dare mention.. and someone there issued a similar challenge, to dance a full song without turns. While I did not participate in that thread (I read it way after it was locked), I took that challenge and I've done it many times since than.

    I think the challenge was, to keep the dance musical, but without doing much (or any) shines. I am a linear dancer, so for me that means no travelling or turns on the spot, no copas etc, but I did x-body leads (relatively few). Mostly variation of the basic.

    I found it highly depends on the song and on the partner I danced with (and whether I warned them or not). Most follows were confused, as to "why did you dance like that?". After I explained the "challenge", several of them (especially the more enthusiastic follows) wanted to try again immediately. Some of them paid more attention to the music and tried to accent it way more with simple body movement or simple footwork compared to a normal dance, and told me how they like it. Few said it is boring and didn't see the point. But I also got some nice positive reactions and feedback too.

    All in all, at the right time, with the right person, I'd recommend doing this once in a while :)

    P.S.: Thank Sabrosura for showing me that epic epic thread.. :)
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    What about if we dance and we only do shines? Does that count?
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    No. Has been asked earlier.
  4. Interesting idea! - why dont you post one of your socials - doing this challenge to inspire us all??

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