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  1. David

    David Administrator Staff Member

    I know for people that have been dancing a long time and regularly attend congresses, etc, the "lingo" easy after a while, but for new people here on Salsa Forums they may not always know what we are talking about. What would you put on your list of moves that a beginner should know by name?
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  2. Salsa Student

    Salsa Student Pattern Police

    For an absolute beginner:
    The Basic
    Cross body lead
    Inside turn
    Outside turn
    Slightly more advanced:
    Copa (aka in-and-out)
    Swing step (aka 360 CBL)

    There are other basic moves that don't seem to have consistent names, such as the pull-by (the follow going down the slot on the leaders right side).
  3. vit

    vit El Sabroso de Conguero

    360 cbl (or 180 cbl, as some of us agreed) is called a swing step ?
  4. Salsa Student

    Salsa Student Pattern Police

    That's what it's called in the standard Santo Rico lexicon, I probably should have reversed the order as 360 (or 180) CBL as it's the more common term.
  5. azzey

    azzey El Sabroso de Conguero

    Copa for a beginner? The Copa is not a beginner move as the change of direction is difficult for beginners to do.
    360 CBL is also more difficult than a basic cross-body lead, so would usually be taught later.

    For a beginner:

    (Forward-back) Basic step (closed hold)
    Side basic step (closed hold)
    (Forward-back) Basic step (open hold)
    Open/Cumbia step (open hold)
    Right turn.
    Left turn.
    Man's hook turn.
    Cross-body lead.
    Cross-body inside/left turn.
    Throw-away left/right turns.
    Two-handed left/right turns.


    First half of this video is beginner level, second half is advanced beginner-improver level as it nears the end with Titanic.

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  6. Salsa Student

    Salsa Student Pattern Police

    Well, I did list them under the somewhat more advanced category. OTOH, there are probably some really good reasons why I should never become a teacher.
  7. Kading

    Kading Rhythm Deputy

    I think a 360 for a real beginner is way too hard. I actually think the 360 is one of the most difficult leading moves in whole salsa. It requires a perfect understanding of the CBL for it to be executed very smoothly from the core, and that is (as most people know) easier said than done.

    edit: just read further and see this is already discussed, nevermind meee
  8. vit

    vit El Sabroso de Conguero

    Yeah, people should have some cuban salsa lessons first, then after learning DQN it would be much easier.
  9. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    I think copa is good to know (that it exists) for beginners and even for Cuban style dancers. It might take a lifetime to master it, but it's common enough at least to recognize.
  10. Chris_Yannick

    Chris_Yannick Rhythm Deputy

    The 360 CBL in my neck of the woods is referred to as a Coca-Cola. I agree it's not a beginner move.
  11. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    azzey, do you have one of those awesome beginner pattern but for Cuban instead?
  12. Aurel

    Aurel Sonero

    for cuban apart from basic step (forward and side), basic right/left turn:
    • dile que no
    • guapea
    • enchufla
    • sombrero
    • setenta
  13. azzey

    azzey El Sabroso de Conguero

    Heh, well Dile Que No is one of those moves that beginners struggle with in Cuban salsa quite a lot as well. It's taught sometime in the first 10 weeks of classes and perhaps that's why they get it sooner. My instructors usually taught it near the end of the beginners course because there'd be quite an increase in drop-outs as soon as they teach it.

    Interestingly, whereas in Cuban Salsa Dile Que No is the default, students often find the straight CBL variation harder as it's less familiar to them, whereas in general it's opposite for cross-body students. So maybe it is all about familiarity.

    MAMBO_CEC Sabor Ambassador

    I don't see why a copa is difficult for a beginner, all the On2 classes that I have been to here for beginners have taught the Copa.

    MAMBO_CEC Sabor Ambassador

    Suzy q, Cuban Step, hook step, KNECK DROP and BACKFLIP (the last 2 , I jest, you don't want to put the beginner in hospital)
  16. azzey

    azzey El Sabroso de Conguero

    I looked very hard but it's almost impossible to find videos that are good enough quality, proper Cuban salsa, have the basic moves (without lots of complicated moves) and are not just dancing. So I compromised.

    Basic step - on the spot.
    Basic step - turning.
    Basic step - walking forward (arriba).
    Basic step - walking backward (abaho).
    Basic step - stepping back.

    Beginners Gaupea + Enchufe + Dile Que No:

    Advanced Guapea + Enchufe + Dile Que No:


    0:00 Dile Que No x 3 (done like a CBL).
    0:07 Gaupea + Camina.
    0:09 Gaupea + Camina.
    0:12 Hecho (right turn).
    0:14 Deshecho/Enchufe (left turn).
    0:16 Ronde (hook turn).
    0:19 Sacala (Exhibela with right hand).
    0:24 (two-handed) Dile Que No.
    0:26 (two-handed) Hecho. Like beginning of Sombrero.
    0:29 (two-handed) Enchufe.
    0:36 (proper) Dile Que No.
    0:45 Dile Que Si.
    0:50 Setenta.
    1:02 Enchufe Con Engano.
    1:24 Panque variations.
    1:58 Sombrero.
    2:31 Dile Que No Por Atras.
    2:44 Enchufe con Conejito (I made that up, translate it).
    2:54 Dile Que No (right hand).
    3:11 Exhibela.
    3:16 Enchufe Doble.

    Everything else is mostly just a variation of the same moves but two-handed or opposite hands.

    ADVANCED using basic moves in a nice way at the beginning.

    Basic step - stepping back.
    Tight turning.
    Dile Que No
    Paseala (walks).
    Dile Que No x 3.
    Deshecho con Ronde (with adornments)

    You can find all the basic moves listed on Salsa a La Cubana Instruction DVD #1:
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  17. azzey

    azzey El Sabroso de Conguero

    What is a Cuban step when it's used in cross-body Salsa?
  18. azzey

    azzey El Sabroso de Conguero

    0:04 Forward-back basic.
    0:08 Dile Que No.
    0:11 Dile Que No.
    0:13 Dile Que No.
    0:16 Forward-back basic.
    0:20 Dile Que No Por Atras.
    0:23 (right-handed) Camina.
    0:26 Guapea.
    0:28 Guapea.
    0:31 Guapea.
    0:34 (left-handed) Dedo.
    0:37 Enchufe.
    0:43 Tight-turning.
    0:46 Dile Que No.
    0:49 Guapea.
    0:52 Setenta.
    1:01 Paseala En Frente.
    1:10 Dile Que No.
    1:31 Vacilala with an extra turn.

    Mostly basic moves, except for Setenta and the few double-handed moves I didn't list.

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    MAMBO_CEC Sabor Ambassador

    It's taught in beginner shines along with hook step and suzy q. I can't think of any clips on You tube that show this.
  20. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Thanks azzey :D

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