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    Well, at least those "nice" people worrying about Cuba ceasing to be a 'time warp' may now rest again...
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    If I understand correctly, we Americans can no longer go on a self-guided 'person-to-person' trip, but have to go through a travel agency that does escorted tours. I looked at one, and the 7 day land package was $3500 per person double occupancy! My 10-15 day European trips have been about half that, even with airfair. Does anyone know of reasonable tours? How about if we start our own 'salsa tour' group? :)
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    I'm not sure how the whole group tours thing is supposed to work. If people are not supposed to stay in hotels owned by teh military but I dno't think that groups rent a bunch of rooms in casa particulares...
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    Perhaps go on Boogaloo productions. com. They seem to offer dance packages and such. Or if Americans are still aloud to use air b n b for educational purposes, fly to Varadero or Santiago via your closest non American country and stay in a casa.
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    That's exactly it, Americans can't go on their own under the educational/people-to-people travel category anymore as of June 16, courtesy of the Trumpet. So AirBnb is thus illegal too since the only reason you'd use it to book a casa is if you go on your own.

    A trip that costs about $50 per day if you go on your own ($25/day for a casa, $10-15 for food, $5-10 for dancing) now costs thousands of dollars for those who want to go "legally" (with a group). Otherwise, there's always the (illegal) Mexico route.
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    A 7-day trip if you go on your own costs less than $400 (plus the flight). $3500 is just ridiculous.
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    I lucked out, because although I am legally able travel there (Candian), I booked a sweet spot in Vedado for relatively cheap through Airbnb. Since it is an American company I had to fill out an extra form. But now that I have stayed there I have her contact information and can book on my own.
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    My aunt approached me to go to Cuba a few weeks ago when Trump made the announcement telling me to book before the new policy took effect. It's so misguided, I have family within 3 generations (my grandmother, her mother, was born in Cuba), so in reality the way for me to do it legally would be to find these relatives I've never met and go meet them, but I would have to make sure I would protect myself and document everything which is what I think would be hard. I would want to have on hand my mother's birth certificate, my grandmother's birth certificate, and more birth certificates to create the chain of relation prior to going in case anyone from the US Government investigates my trip ( I would also make sure during said trip to take at least a dozen photos and 4 or 5 videos with the relatives in question). And without that being planned out prior to the trip I won't consider making it under the current policy.

    It's rather crazy. I could easily go to Vietnam, where 10 of thousands of Americans died in a war, but not Cuba because they kicked out the US corporations.
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    Very concerned about my family in Cuba. Not sure igf they got hit by the floods in Havana or not. I know they are close to the flooded area but I don't know the exact streets that are flooded and haven't been able to reach anyone by phone yet


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