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    Hmmm. The Cuban entrepreneurs need to get with the program :rolleyes:
    In Colombia most of the "name brand" stuff is counterfeit ;)

    Gucci, Versace, Prado, Apple, Nike all made in China from the counterfeit producer not made in China by the "official" producer :D:D:D
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    Interview with El Tosco who has some conspiracy theory about BVSC.

    But may favorite quote is at the end LOL
    Imagino que esto también ocurre porque estas personalidades de la cultura aún ven a la timba como un sonido chabacano o marginal.
    Felizmente, gracias a los muchachos que hacen reguetón, hoy ya nos han quitado el cartelito ese de marginal. Ahora mismo yo soy Shakespeare o Cervantes…(risas).
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    timberamayor ¡WEPA!

    A 20 minute documentary about the solares in Cuba.
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    Worse year in Politics in my entire lifetime. Glad I live in Cali, hope we do a Calexit around this MF, he is not my president.
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    I wish people in California would stop calling it Cali. I automatically think Colombia.
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    timberamayor ¡WEPA!

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    It was a joke, he pretty much said the exact opposite.
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    An American photographer doing an impromptu photo shoot in a Centro Habana house:

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