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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Offbeat, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    I agree. .it's called "experience " !
  2. UchimaSalsa

    UchimaSalsa Son Montuno

    I skept it this year as I din't consider it as in my top list and want to discover other festivals. It seems that it was a good decision.
    For the floor I think I read a blog or facebook post where the organizer was explaining that the wooden floor thing will not happen. It's too expensive to have a good one apparently and the shape of the room would mean loosing a lot of dancing surface.
    I found the "kizomba" was good last year with a good mix for every taste: kizomba, semba, electronic, guetto zouk, fast , slow... I also have some echo of other festivals in Germany and it seems that they love electronic kizomba and urban kizz as a dance. Germany love electronic music in general so I'm not surprised that it apply to kizomba as well.
    What I remember also is the huge number of women sitting in the arena waiting for a partner: paradise for men. The ratio was better in salsa.
    Did they play any Cuban music (or allowed the Dj's to play some)? I missed it a lot last year especially considering that they give cuban workshops.
    For that follow attitude is that a new trend such a behavior? I've heard the same story many times recently and so it and experienced it myself in Croatia this. Asking (politely of course) and not even a look or an no as an answer.
    The atmosphere and people friendliness is one of the thing that made me love the scene at the beginning. This diva, princess thing is ridiculous. I wonder if ladies also observe the same kind of attitude from some men. Anyway so far that's just a minority of people.
  3. Tomm

    Tomm Tumbao

    Yes they played some modern Cuban songs , but the problem is finding a dance partner to dance casino...
  4. Aurel

    Aurel Sonero

    Well, this year was kizomba ridiculously bad (can not compare with previous years). I myself dance mostly traditional, so no wonder that I didn't like it, but some of my friends who are urban dancers (follows) were there and were quite critical regarding the music. It was really boring, each song sounding completely the same. Sometimes the DJs played something with actual melody or singing, but only little (or maybe I just missed all the better music parts while dancing salsa). And it was quite loud, would not go there without earplugs.

    I can confirm that the women:men ratio in kizomba was really follow-heavy. And I would also like to mention that they definitely have a type - slim, fit, long dark hair + black/red dress code so lots of small black dresses - so if that is your type (apparently it is for me ;)) and you dare to suffer through the horrible music, it's really a paradise for a guy.
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  5. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    It was beyond bad! It was horrible, almost a torture to dance to it. Only time I danced was when a lady asked me. Otherwise I didn’t feel like dancing to any of the music. I kept wondering how others were dancing to the some of the music I heard. I didn’t think the level of kizomba dancing was anything great.
  6. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    Yes they played some Cuban sounding songs. But those were few. There was one day who was requesting to dance Cuban in the foyer that I can read remember. I saw only handful guys dancing Cuban.
  7. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    It is understandable that some floor can’t be cover and there are always people willing to dance on concrete. Can’t say how expensive will it be in big scheme of things.

    Not a new trend. I file it under exception. I never seen anything like that happen to anyone. That follower didn’t seem like diva or princess. She seemed friendly to others.
  8. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    I got a few rejections over the weekend, and they were always with a small head-shake or 'no'. Guess I should feel good about that. :)
    I did get the feeling that many of the women who accepted were really dubious at first, then smiled once the dance started. I wondered if it was because I'm much older than most of the guys there. It seemed to be a much younger and less diverse crowd than Paris, where there were a lot of decent middle-age women I could dance with.

    Overall, I've found that European dancers are more polite than the ones at American congresses, who are more likely to tell me they're tired, then immediately dance with someone else. Or accept and cop an attitude.
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  9. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    Welcome to my world, however, it depends upon the clubs location/city .
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  10. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    I have a week without whining, so read before lines.

    Warsaw festival is the best from the huge festivals I've been to this year. It's getting bigger every year.
    It still has the highest level of social dancing, would be even higher if more dancers from the area could afford the rising prices of passes and accommodation.
    DJ Stelios from Greece played really well and other DJs had some nice sets. It seemed like paradise for salsa romantica lovers.
    Location is conveniently close to airport; organization is smooth.
    Shows and workshops were there.
    On Sunday there was amazing hip-hop battle.

    Last song was the same as in 2015, dj was different I think.
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  11. ctcmichael

    ctcmichael Changui

    It was my first time at Warsaw and I really enjoyed it. The level of dancers is really high, but more importantly people are really friendly. Cannot think of a single dance that i didn’t enjoy. The workshops were awesome too, the only one where I would say I didn’t learn anything from is a Saturday class with Adrian & Anita - teaching and competing are very different, and organisers need to be aware of that.

    The main beef I had was the floor - I have witnessed so many people falling over because of how slippery it was. Even Tito and Tamara were putting coke on their shoes throughout their workshops. They somehow managed to fix it on Sunday night but it was too little too late.

    The policy with drinks weren’t the greatest either. I understand the bag search when you enter the party, but not letting you to return into the salsa room with a bottle of water that I bought in the salsa room? That to me is overly pedantic and ridiculous.

    Overall I loved this weekend. The dancers are the best I have seen in my 3 years of dancing, most of the workshops are brilliant (especially Tito & Tamara and Charlie Garcia), and I cannot stop listening to Rey Ruiz. If I am still in the UK/Europe next year I will definitely go again. That said, I hope that next time they can sort out the floor before the congress begins. Having an extra staircase and make them strictly a one-way system would also be nice, and they really should move the photo booth away from the door.
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  12. Al Israel

    Al Israel Tumbao

    Yeah the photo booth should have been by the bar instead.
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  13. Tres Fort

    Tres Fort Son

    I had fun overall at El Sol but I was a little bit disappointed. I think my expectations were too high.

    The good thing is they had many rooms for different styles and all the rooms were full. People were friendly and staff fantastic.
    The afternoon dance was also cool.

    Music played was not really my cup of tea. They played a lot of repetitive songs (perfect for pattern maniacs)There was only one DJ that I liked.
    The floor was either too slippery or very sticky.

    Maybe I was very unlucky as I only enjoyed few of the dances with follows that I picked randomly or who asked me for a dance.
    And whenever I spotted a follow I wanted to dance with, DJ decides to play a shitty song so I either end up skipping or not enjoying the dance.

    There were so many good leads compared to number of good follows that follows were getting snatched before the song's even finished !
    And what's with the cluster of people in front of the stage ?

    I only took 2 workshops, it was good but they were only explaining in SPANISH ! Just because we're dancing salsa doesn't mean we all understand Spanish.
  14. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    You must be new here. There are several groups intermixing in front of the stage:
    * DJ support group; his hometown, friends and fans.
    * The performancers. They just like stage too much, can't let it go.
    * The cool kids. They like to hang out where it's loud and bright and action happens. Sometimes they dance.
    * The old princesses. Ladies who think they're good dancers, because they once were young and pretty and performancers/cool kids asked them to dance.
    * The princesses. Beautiful and/or good dancers. But usually they are torn apart and are on the dance floor.
    * People who are tired and would like to sit down. Watch others dancing, sing along, cheer DJ. Visibility is much better from stage than from seat in the corner. Also you can scout your next victims.
    * Other festival organizers. Networking. Networking. Networking.
    * People who want to break into business. This is the place to get noticed.
    * People who just like to have some drinks in the party. Stage works as big bar. Bars are usually uncomfortable in festivals.
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  15. Joco

    Joco Changui

    Really?? Which workshops were those if I may ask..
  16. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura Maestro 'Sonero' Lavoe

    So, I know Dissonant Harmony also complained they took his water :D But I didn't have my bag searched at all, I bought bottles of water or soda from the hotel store and took them to the dance rooms without problems. Maybe they only checked men :p

    As for the floor, Friday was ice skating time in the salsa room. I nearly slipped and fell when I walked into the room, so after the concert ended I made the wise decision to spend most of Friday night in the Cuban room and had a great, great time, tons of fantastic leads there :) I saw people in the salsa room dancing barefoot on Friday night due to the slippery floor.

    I thought Saturday and Sunday the floor was great, whatever they did to it after Friday worked. Saturday it got a bit slippery again by the end of the night, but by then I'd had so much core-muscles activation from my super-fun (and super-full of direction changes :D ) dances with the lovely French leads I danced with that I didn't really mind the slipperiness at the end of the night, my core-control took over and carried me through :D

    Met 10+ awesome leads Saturday and Sunday night that I added to my "to-dance" list, which for me is a very high number, so this was an awesome congress for a follow in terms of leads. Most of my favorites were (as usual :) ) from France and a few from (surprise :p ) London (though one of them was originally from France :p ), along with a Russian kizomba lead who (lucky for me) came up to the salsa room when the kizomba room closed and danced, to my surprise, a lovely Power2/son dance with me, and a fantastic lead from Bulgaria with whom I danced the very last dance of the festival, and it was an amaaaaaaazing dance, so I ended the festival on a high note :)
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  17. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura Maestro 'Sonero' Lavoe

    Well there were a few Cuban instructors who didn't speak English so they had to have translators during the workshops. But I'm surprised some instructors didn't even use translators.
  18. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura Maestro 'Sonero' Lavoe

    This is really weird, I mean even if the follow is specifically looking for a certain lead for that dance it only takes 1 second to say a polite "no thank you", so I don't understand this reaction of completely ignoring the person asking that you and Offbeat experienced.

    I think I have once gotten a similar reaction from a lead I asked, he had a glass of alcohol in his hand and just looked at me and gave me a smile as if I was just saying hello instead of inviting him to dance (maybe he was too drunk to tell the difference :p ), so I just quickly moved on to someone else. No time to waste when a good song is playing :p
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  19. Tres Fort

    Tres Fort Son

    Bachata workshops.
    There was a translator but she left after 5 minutes...
  20. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao


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