Commendation to Oliver Pineda Body movement DVD

Discussion in 'Member Reviews' started by smiling28, May 4, 2008.

  1. Blair

    Blair Descarga

    Does anyone have any ideas how long this will take to be posted from Australia to Scotland, I've been waiting almost 4weeks.

    Is it sad that I'm looking more forward to this DVD than I was Christmas?
  2. smiling28

    smiling28 Moderator

    Hi Blair,

    If you have not done so already, may I suggest you email/facebook/phone him or the website you purchased from.
  3. Blair

    Blair Descarga

    I've got in touch with Latin motion a few days ago before I made this post. They are going to check it out. I think I'll just cancel the order and get it from the link above, will probs be faster.
  4. Blair

    Blair Descarga

    The DVD arrived today...and I can tell you it was worth the wait. Like the previous people have posted this DVD is absolutely amazing! It's packed full of loads of little excerises to get everything moving. Wow..

    Once again I can see the next level of salsa that I need to reach! :buttkick: another layer uncovered
  5. ptwist

    ptwist Tumbao

    I took his body movement class....he's very mechanical as he likes to say about the way he instructs the body parts. Many people went in and they sort of expected an awesome shine routine but Oliver just went to his teaching mode to correct fundamentals.

    Everyone sort of had a blank response for the first half hour but at the end everyone began to appreciate the class a lot more.
  6. tripax

    tripax Changui

    I just received my copy of Oliver's Body Movement dvd today (ordered at latin motion).
    However, the dvd only seems to contain the Individual and Combined Body Isolations. I don't find the section with the salsa basics or the extra part about body rolls.

    Am I missing a dvd, or is something wrong with the dvd?
  7. Blair

    Blair Descarga

    Theres 2 DVDs in it. It's a wee bit hard to find but it's at the end if that's any help. Pretty sure it's under combined actions
  8. tripax

    tripax Changui

    Damn, in my box there is only one dvd :mad: I've been waiting for more than a month before it arrived, and now I still don't have what I was looking for...

    Thx for the information Blair
  9. sunsoul

    sunsoul Shine Officer

    This is exactly the kind of DVD I am looking for. I will have to get it. Anyone want to recommend something else of a similar standard, or from a more Cuban perspective?
  10. ohthepain

    ohthepain Changui

    I can't find this DVD anywhere, including steps4salsa. Is there anywhere else i might be ae to find it? Preferably stateside?
  11. Ciaran Hegarty

    Ciaran Hegarty Descarga

    Been looking for this DVD but can't find it anywhere to buy - there are a few sites offering it to download, but I'm not sure which ones are trustworthy. Can anyone recommend a good site for purchase or download?
  12. tresto

    tresto Descarga

    hahaha I should go and see him, buy a bunch of DVDs and sell them over the net, it would be great success!!
  13. Ciaran Hegarty

    Ciaran Hegarty Descarga

    If I buy you a beer can I be your European distributor?
  14. tresto

    tresto Descarga

    will you ship the beer to Sydney? I probably won't be going back home in Paris until next Christmas
  15. Manuel Hund

    Manuel Hund Changui


    Is this Body-movement dvd interessting for Salsa Cubano Dancers??

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