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  1. alvinthethird

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    super late on this one...
    Rumba is actually closed for renovations ATM. But for a long time now it was not a place for a more experienced dancer to get their fix. other options have cropped up for fri/sat nights now. Alhambra fridays, and there is usually a social from one (or more) of the dance schools saturday. cubby on sunday is a good bet, esp if you dance on2.

    I recently made a google map of salsa venues in Chicago:
  2. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    I will be performing at the world famous Copacabana tonight with a rising young star from Puerto Rico, Toñito Novoa.

    I have played at all the previous Copacabana locations in New York since 1982 but this is my first time at its latest incarnation at 47th Street and 8th Avenue.

    Should be fun! I'll let you know what I think about the new Copa tomorrow.

    Details on tonight are here: www
  3. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    Well, I think the new Copacabana is very nice.

    The new location fantastic, in the Theater District at 47th Street and 8th Avenue. Inside it's a clean, sleek decor with carpeting emulating the wavy mosaic tile design of the club's name sake walkway. There are multiple levels with an upscale supper club on the second floor and the main dance club on the third floor. The rooms are much smaller than the last Copa on 11th Avenue and 34th Street, but real estate is at a higher premium here, I'm sure.

    As in the Copa tradition, the club is musician friendly, with an awesome sound system and on-stage monitors, and a roomy stage for a full 12-piece Salsa band.

    Dancers certainly seemed to enjoy themselves dancing to the live music. The DJ played a nice mix of Salsa, Merengue and Bachata.

    I hope the club does well and helps keep live Salsa happening in New York City.

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    Nice to hear about the Copa!! Good venue for those who enjoy (like myself) live music. Unfortunately I really cant venture to NYC sooo much & Copa is a bit pricy for my budget. I've been there twice worth the time & money if you can afford it. It is definately a good place to go to.

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    On another note, those who live in New Jersey -- me!!!!
    Crystals Nightclub in Lynhurst, NJ closed two weeks ago. Much to the surprise of all salsa lovers, Crystals was known for its Friday Salsa nights featuring live salsa bands. It was an upscale crowd and the only thing happening around Northern New Jersey. Away from the NYC salsa scene it was the next best thing to those who opted not venturing into the Big Apple. I personally was there during the last night of Salsa, it was awesome, had a blast. Hoping the promoter can find a new venue for those of us who really love salsa and cant be going to the city so often.

    Those looking for a similar venue will have to venture either to North Bergen, which is close to NYC or to Ruby Lounge in Totowa.
    I will update my list soon.
  6. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    Emoyeno, have you been to El Tropical in Passaic? They have live music every week, mostly Merengue and Bachata groups but I played there on a Sunday night with a Salsa band recently. This is their website:
  7. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    Emoyeno, have you been to El Tropical in Passaic? I know some people don't like to go to Passaic, but they have live music every week, mostly Merengue and Bachata groups, but I played there on a Sunday night with a Salsa band recently. This is their website:

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    I only went there once. The crowd was not to my liking, I left quickly.
    You're correct a lot of people (myself included) dont like Passaic. Salsa on Sundays there ? interesting, was the crowd good?
  9. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    It was not a big crowd, so I'm sure less rowdy than a Fri/Sat nite... but likely a similar clientele, just less people... Yeah, Passaic and Paterson can be rough. I play out there quite a bit.
  10. Jose Benavides

    Jose Benavides Changui

    Salsa in Guatemala city

    Hotel camino Real from thursday to saturday
    La Sala antigua Guatemala sundays
    Las palmas antigua guatemala fridays and saturdays
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  11. El Gato Montés

    El Gato Montés Changui

    I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but Vicente's in downtown Detroit on 1250 Library St. has salsa dancing from 10pm onward on Friday and Saturday nights. They apparently start with some basic salsa dance lessons at the beginning, and then dance until closing time.

    If I make it down there on one of those nights, I'll have to report back. (Those nights are difficult due to my schedule.) Not sure if it's just suburbanites clumsily getting their salsa on :D , or if there are any genuine salsa dancers in the crowd.

    Vicente's is actually a Cuban restaurant. Seems a bit pricey and I have yet to try it, but it does look quite good, and reviews are fairly positive.
  12. dedog2003

    dedog2003 Changui

    Anyone know of any good clubs in St. Louis, Missouri that isn't Club Viva? Looking for a non-smoking club.
  13. Mr.Marcus

    Mr.Marcus Changui

    Still haven't gone since they relocated, sweet.
  14. Azalea Isis

    Azalea Isis Changui

    Salsa in Cleveland, Ohio USA

    Cleveland has a friendly and vibrant salsa scene and we welcome newcomers and travelers. Google these clubs to find more info.

    Baila Duro is a monthly salsa social at the Philippine American Hall on West Ridgewood in Parma/Cleveland. The DJ plays mostly salsas with some cha cha and a little bachata. It is a regional dance attracting the most skilled dancers from neighboring cities. Happens Sunday evening the first or second Sunday of the month. $10.

    Ceviche is a bar in the basement of Restaurant Europa on Pinetree in Pepper Pike. They play salsa every Friday evening with a beginner and advanced class at 8:15. No cover but the class is $5.

    Nazca Peruvian Restaurant is not far from Ceviche on Richmond Rd in Warrensville Hts. They have salsa Friday and Saturday nights and sometimes other nights too. Also no cover. The crowd usually arrives around 11. A mixed crowd with many Spanish speakers. The sound system and floor are excellent. The DJ usually plays songs in groups of 3 including a lot of bachata, merengue, reggeaton and cumbia. It is possible to go to Ceviche and Nazca both on a Friday night starting with Ceviche.

    Viva Dance Studio is the prominent salsa dance studio in town located on E 38th and Superior on the second floor of an Asian shopping center. They have a Thursday evening social.

    Also check out the Cleveland Salsa Community Facebook page for more info.
  15. Nuyorican

    Nuyorican Son Montuno

    Salsa in Northern New Jersey

    Veranda Bar & Lounge has a Latin Night with live bands every Friday. Mixed crowd. People from different local dance schools usually in attendance.
  16. AIKBlackArmy83

    AIKBlackArmy83 Changui

    Some clubs and events in Stockholm.

    The thing about salsa here is that most places that offer salsa dance are seasonal, so to speak. They either run spring+fall (inside) or summer (outside). But here are a few suggestions if you are in town.

    Chicago Swing Dance Studio - Thursdays spring and fall. They run drop-in classes from 8 pm to 9 pm, and social dance until midnight. Address: Hornsgatan 75, Stockholm.

    Sabor Latino Dance Academy - Thursdays (salsa/chachacha/mambo 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm) and sundays (cuban salsa 6 pm to 10 pm) spring and fall. Like Chicago they run drop-in classes the first hour, and social dance for the rest of the evening. They have dedicated leaders and followers that will make sure you don't go without dancing. Address: Sibyllegatan 29, Stockholm.

    M5 La Casa de la Musica Cubana - Fridays and saturdays 10 pm to 3 am whenever DJ Isra is available. Address: Restaurang M5, Malmskillnadsgatan 5, Stockholm.

    Dansbanan Gröna Lund - Saturdays (6 pm to 11 pm mostly dedicated to LA style salsa, early April until late September) and sundays (6 pm to 10 pm dedicated to cuban salsa and bachata, 8 consecutive weeks following midsummer's eve). They run drop-in classes from 6 pm to 7 pm, and social dance with occasional animacións and shows around 9 pm. Most people dance cuban salsa regardless of the day. Address: Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9, Stockholm.

    Vasaparken - Wednesdays (5 pm to 9 pm with Stockholm Casineros) and sundays (2 pm until 5 pm with Sabor Latino Dance Academy) summertime, i.e. late May to mid August, but that mostly depends on weather. Address: Odengatan 22, Stockholm.

    Salsa Beach Party - Thursday evenings summertime, depending on weather. Address: Hornsbergs Strand 71, Stockholm.

    Dans Practica Föreningen - Saturdays 5 pm to 8 pm/8:30 pm, late September to early April. They are mostly dedicated to salsa and bachata socials, but occasionally they hire guest teachers for an hour that teach tango, kizomba and zouk as well. Address: Mäster Olofsgården, Svartmangatan 6, Stockholm.

    There are a lot more places out there, like Club Caribe and Kristall, but they don't play salsa music all the time. I'll get back when I have some more info.
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