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Discussion in 'Member Reviews' started by peachexploration, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. Kesh

    Kesh Son

    If you are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would recommend Hot Salsa Friday in Campbell, on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of every month.

    Another great social is at the El Valenciano restaurant & bar in San Francisco.
  2. Rivenga9

    Rivenga9 Changui

    Anygood ones in Montana?
  3. Rivenga9

    Rivenga9 Changui

    Or Wyoming?
  4. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    I saw a poster today for a club close by me called La Boom, on Northern Boulevard. I live in Queens. Los Van Van is playing there next Wednesday, Sept. 21! That is pretty awesome.
  5. timberamayor

    timberamayor Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    That's good to know. I can update their tours page ;)

    EDIT: But they have no trumpets :lol:
  6. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    Oh that's okay. They have many other redeeming qualities. :lol:
  7. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    Well, I won't be able to make the Los Van Van show on Wednesday night. I have a gig of my own that night. But, it is cool just knowing they will be in my neighborhood. The last time I saw them was at Carnegie Hall, so it's pretty awesome that they will be at a regular club in Queens.

    More info here for anyone in New York City that is interested: www

    Oscar D'Leon will be at La Boom on October 9th.

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    NJ Salsa Clubs the one's I've been to so far:
    Crystals in Lyndhurst: Live music, very good dancers.
    Lounge 46 (tuesday nights): very good salsa dancing
    Euro Lounge: Latin Sundays : awesome dancers, for the hard core salsa dancer. DJ spins very very good salsa music. ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪

    Still going around to see which are good places!!
  9. timberamayor

    timberamayor Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    Here is a little video from the SOBs concert the other night. During Que sorpresa (foto en la prensa) Mayito invited Pepito Gómez (ex-Pupy y los que son son) on stage for a little improv. Pepito sounds great. He has a timbre very similar to Israel Kantor who used to sing with Van Van. Pupy likes that type of voice and always wants a singer in the band with this sound. But it's not always easy to find someone.
  10. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    San Francisco Bay Area

    A very good resource created and maintained by SF member Kesh:

    P.S. - Macmoto may be you can add above link under San Francisco in the first post of this thread (city guides)?
  11. timberamayor

    timberamayor Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    At the FESTIVAL A LO CUBANO @ Quality Hotel Winn in Haninge, a suburb of Stockholm. the festival lasts all weekend and Yanek and Karelia will be here but I can't dance due to tendonitis hahaha. How unfair! Not taking any classes but I will be there for the concerts.
  12. HothouseSalsero

    HothouseSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    I don't know clubs in NJ, but have you tried the Atrium? That's a dance studio that hosts very large salsa parties which pull from lots of dancers in Philadelphia as well as NJ. It's not the same as a club atmosphere, but that can have its good points--and it's definitely more high energy than many dance studio parties I've been too (mostly because it pulls in such a large crowd, including many good dancers). I've never really clicked with Barbara Capaldi, the owner of the Atrium, but I've always given her a lot of credit for creating a real sense of community at her studio. I've also seen dancers develop quickly under her tutelage.

    Look at this crowd:

    Also, the Stardust Ballroom in NJ used to have a similar salsa night, less often, but I never made it to that venue.
  13. Enetheru

    Enetheru Son

    Couldnt find any mention of adelaide in here so:

    IF anyone wants to collaborate on this map let me know, we could add the whole world to it...:D

    the below is all I am aware of at the moment and I'm still fairly new.

    Day of the week, Host Studio, Venue
    Tuesday, La bomba, Casablabla
    Wednesday, Latino Grooves, The Arkaba
    Wednesday, Latin Dance Nation, The Caledonian
    Thursday, Salsa Connection, Tapas
    Thursday, unknown, Cambridge Balcony Bar
    Friday, La bomba, The Talbot Hotel
    Saturday, La bomba, The Talbot Hotel

    Less frequent are:

    Every second Friday Latino Grooves Studio
    First Sunday of the month Latin Dance Nation, Zoots

    Event Venues
    The Governor Hindmarsh
    The Arkaba
  14. Natty

    Natty Son

    I'd be surprised if they managed to keep any a secret from you :lol:

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    Thanks for the posts!!! I havent been too far south of NJ. I've only been to NorthJersey areas.
  16. HothouseSalsero

    HothouseSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    I realized after I posted that that you did mention being in North Jersey. I've never been familiar with venues there. I lived in Philadelphia and didn't have a car at the time. Only made it to the Atrium two or three times.
  17. HothouseSalsero

    HothouseSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    I wish there were a regular Friday salsa night in Albuquerque.

    And I would rather go out for a good DJ than some of these bands that really aren't playing salsa. Nosotros doesn't have much of a salsa feel, even when they are playing what is clearly salsa. Not remotely into them enough to want to see them all the time. And Son Como Son are polished musicians, but too timba-flavored for me a lot of the time.
  18. splashiton

    splashiton Changui

    South West England

    Other salsa clubs are available in the South West...
  19. randomguy1992

    randomguy1992 Changui

    Anybody been to any clubs in Chicago? I'm hearing that I have to check out this place called Cubby Bear and XCalibur?
  20. d2army

    d2army Changui

    I recommend Rumba in Chicago, the good dancers usually show up like real late though

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