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    Salsa Clubs for Charlotte, NC

    Cosmo’s Café (Ballantyne Location)
    Charlotte Latin Dance Social (Last Tuesday of each month)

    Charlotte Salsa Social

    Cosmo’s Café (Uptown Location)
    The Blvd.

    The Blvd.

    The Blvd.
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    Long Beach Salsa Club

    We have a very good Salsa club called "Long Beach Salsa Club" here at Long Beach, CA, USA.
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    Does anyone have any info about salsa parties in Indiana (South Bend or Indianapolis) and Philadelphia? And more about Chicago? thanks!
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    The most popular Salsa club by far is Century Ballroom and its sister studio, HaLo. Together, they feature Salsa on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, along with a weekly Salsa Social and Bachata Social.

    Other popular clubs include Babalu (very posh), Selena's Guadalajara (probably my favorite in terms of appearance; Seattle's Cuban Salsa headquarters), China Harbor, Rock Salt and Habana Sodo.

    I maintain a Seattle Latin dance calendar, with each club linked to descriptions, at However, I never got July squared away because I was sidelined for a while. I should have August ready to go, however.
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    Anyone know if this club list is still valid?
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    Nearest of me is 210 miles away :( .
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    In San Francisco Bay Area, my favorite places: The Beat in Berkley, CA ever second Friday of the month only, Glas Kat in 504 4th st. SF (Every Tuesday). Rockit Room 400 Clement St. (Every Monday). Vice Ultra Lounge, Walnut Creek (Every Sunday).
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    I saw that a member was inquiring about places to go for Salsa In Toronto.If anyone is wondering where all the hot Salsa spots are in Toronto check out the link below. Anyone from out of town feel free to drop me a message we can meet up and head out.
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    Salsa in the Czech Republic

    Hey, if anybody of you is ever going to the Czech dance, of course :D, than you should visit Prague, but I dont know it well there. But anyway, here is the website.
    I study in Brno, there are quite many dance opportunities. I am afraid, though, the website is only in czech, but anyway...heres the link.
    I usually go to Mersey on mondays, there is a cuban lector of salsa - Willy Zamora, he is great! ;) Concerning other sucks I guess :D well, we are a small country after all ;)
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    Salsa Pittsburgh

    That lists everything that happens on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis and is updated usually a couple times a week. There are always classes and socials too and the occasional salsa night that falls through the cracks, so if anyone is even moving to the area or visiting for an extended period (who knows why you would lol) let me know. I'm pretty well connected.
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    Kansai! (Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto)

    Has anyone else noticed the Kansai section of the Salsa 120% magazine shrinks to fewer centimetres each month - ??? There are several good parties which aren't widely advertised.

    For Kansai (and of course specifically Kyoto), I find the best source of information is the Cafe Rumbita website, with its multitude of links and support for other teachers and venues:

    Kyoto: Fridays at Rumbita = lesson with Masanori (Los Valientes Dance Project) and Kuu - on1
    1500 yen w/ 1 d
    Saturdays = salsa and zouk with Lenny and Mio
    Saturdays: salsa with good drawcards (prices vary) and great DJ (Rodrigo) at Spanish Harlem club

    Also for Osaka, Pegao's page:

    When Kanae-sensei has a Pegao Social Party on a Saturday (at the studio in Umeda or at Salud Kobe) that's where the on2 crowd will be. Cheap and popular! She also works with Michael Kim whose parties are now some of the most popular in Osaka. He has revolutionised the bachata scene and the salsa crowd flock to his bachata nights on Tuesdays (Umeda). He pulls the crowd to Cell Block in Horie (Osaka) on Mondays and Faces in Sannomiya (Kobe) on Wednesdays.

    Kobe:; Edwin and Fumiko also run popular parties/lessons in Nagoya. Cafe Macondo in Sakae (Nagoya) is a great venue.

    Osaka: Our beloved, LA Congress-decorated DJ :) :

    DJ Angel - (on2 parties)

    *Shine - every 1st Saturday at Voxx Higobashi (Yotsubashi Line, Higobashi St., exit 2) - 2000 yen w/ 1 d
    *SalsaSol - every Thursday at Voxx - 1500 yen w/ 1 d
    Wakana from Tokyo teaches at SalsaSol every second week
    *Salsa Paradise @ Calling (studio in Umeda) every 3rd Sat
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    Melbourne, okay!

    I did find out how to find out about where to dance in Melbourne. You take a rather stunning Japanese friend dancing with you, and she attracts a lot of attention and conversation partners, who fill us in on the special salsa hideouts. We are set for the next few Saturdays! :) Also found a great website for the scene (although MacMoto probably already knows about it; that woman is amazing and does an incredible job):

    As soon as I saw who created the site I knew I was in luck. Obviously, teacher/performer Sharon Pakir aside, LeeLee is hands down the best dancer I have seen on the floor in Melbourne. Apart from the great technique and unique styling, I just love the cool attitude. Oh, to dance like that!

    so I find some places just as work starts to get busy, and uni semester with my night seminars start in 2 wks...aaargh!!...
  14. Awesome site! Since Megabus is running $1.00 specials to and from Cincinnati, I think Im going to have check out that salsa weekend june 10-12!

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    Puerto rico venues

    Here is an updated version, since a lot of clubs have closed.

    Recently updated: 07/2011

    Wednesday/ Miércoles
    • Buffalo Wings
    Desde las 9:00p música bailable Aeropuerto, Isla Verde

    Thusdays/ Jueves
    • Marriot Courtyard - Lobby
    Desde las 8:00p música bailable Isla Verde
    • Beats San Juan (Formerly Drums@ Isla Verde Mall) Next to Denny's Restaurant
    Desde las 10:00p música bailable Isla Verde
    Info: 787-368-8032

    Fridays/ Viernes
    • Marriot Courtyard - Lobby
    Desde las 8:00p música bailable Isla Verde
    • Doble Seis Sport Bar-Guayama
    Desde las 9:00p música bailable, Guayama

    • Spice **new**
    Between the Ritz & Denny's
    Tocando toda la noche Cinco en Clave.
    Ven y pasa una noche super extraordinaria en el salon mas acogedor de Isla Verde con Happy Hour toda la noche y entremeses finos y variados.

    • Palo Once- Hato Rey
    Calle America #7 Hato Rey (Cerca del Registro Demografico), 00917 San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Hours Fri: 5:00 pm - 4:00 am Sat: 8:00 pm - 5:00 am

    • Marriot Courtyard - Lobby (Isla Verde)
    ** LOCAL Salseros FAVORITE SPOT FOR YEARS!! - Highly recommended.
    Live Bands always. ***

    Desde las 8:00p música bailable Isla Verde

    • Blue West Cafe (Mayaguez- West) New
    Nuevo lugar para bailar en el area de Mayaguez con musica tropical "mucha salsa",
    comidas ,happy hour de jueves a sabados desde las 6:00 PM hasta las 9:00 PM cerramos a las 2:00AM.

    • Palo Once- Hato Rey - (Younger crowd) Saturdays its Salsa mixed with some merengue
    Calle America #7 Hato Rey (Cerca del Registro Demografico), 00917 San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Hours Fri: 5:00 pm - 4:00 am Sat: 8:00 pm - 5:00 am

    • Nuyorican Cafe (Old San Juan)
    Desde las 8:00p música bailable
    Calle San Francisco #312 entrando por el callejon de la capilla

    • El Balcón del Zumbador (Piñones)
    ** LOCAL Salseros favorite spot for years. If you want to experience real local salsa this is where you should go. (dress code: jeans, Nothing fancy) The music is great. (Bomba/ Salsa)***

    Every sunday from 3:00pm- Live Salsa Bands,
    After 7:30p.m. Cachete Maldonado y sus Majaderos, el mejor grupo de rumba de Puerto Rico con diferentes invitados.

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    New Jersey: So far Lounge 46 on Tuesday's!!
    Once I get moving or mobile, then I'll update more!!
  17. thepresenceon2

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    EMO, lounge 46 is still going strong. I haven't been there in about two yra. So itavnice to see its still rocking.
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    The Copa recently reopened in Manhattan (finally!). Haven't been yet but it can only be a good thing.

    EMOYENO Pattern Police

    Havent gone yet, & it's so close to home!!

    These are both GOOD news!!!
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    We dont really have a Salsa club that is open every night here in Jackson, Mississippi, but we do have a salsa studio that is downtown and near some colleges, and on Saturday night from 10 pm until 2 am they have a very cool salsa / bachata / etc scene. I mean as cool as it gets for down here. Its probably the most diverse / hip / awesome place we have to be honest. We have this place, and a ballroom dance place or two, but otherwise its all rather meh.

    Anyway, the place is called, shockingly enough, Salsa Mississippi. :) It is in Jackson in the Fondren area.

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