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    Hi there,
    I wanted to share and post a website that features and promotes live Salsa Music entertainment which seems to be something many people are neglectful in supporting! The service is based out of Tampa Bay, Fl., as a website offering live bands and music ensembles for all types of events.

    Dance socials, although they are very entertaining and great for staying in shape are killing the live bands who try to make a living performing for their audiences but they are hardly ever hired to perform at these socials. Caramba Productions was started in the Tampa Bay area by actual bandleaders and musicians who are tired of seeing promoters fill their pockets by stuffing people into small places like cattle and not really offering anything of value, other than the DJ who plays the music produced by hard working and aspiring musicians who never see a dime of that stolen profit.

    We are not enemies, we actually love the people who are eager and excited in going to these socials but we really need to support live bands so the up and coming musicians can see hope in putting together new great music or exciting bands to keep Salsa music alive!

    Thanks for your support!
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    Thanks for posting, completely %1000 agree!!!! Music is why we dance and the musicians need and deserve our support!
  3. This is right. Music is why we dance. No Music no dance

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