Bride and Groom salsa dance at the wedding

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Bradley Frank, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Bradley Frank

    Bradley Frank Son Montuno

    Hello SFers!

    I have not been much active in this forum lately due I am busy preparing to get marry. My fiancee is from Peru and that is where we met for the first time at salsa disco club :). Anyway, we both would like to dance salsa or bachata or both at the wedding. We are thinking if possible start with slow wedding dance, then turn into bachata, and then turn into sexy salsa dance in front of our guests. I was wondering if anyone have idea what songs will be great to combine bachata and salsa into 1 song? If not then what songs will be great to fit our wedding dance? Much appreciated!
  2. Marcos

    Marcos Son Montuno

    I highly recommend Juan Luis Guerra's, "Como abeja al panal" is a good hybrid song. It starts as Bachata and turns into salsa. Supposedly it took him a full year to do.

    Another hybrid I remember is Avance's, "Recuerdos de Ti", which also starts as Bachata and turns into salsa, but it's not at the level of JLG.
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  3. Peason

    Peason Son

    If I ever get married, the first dance will be Buena Vista Social Club's Chan Chan.
    I am not sure if it meets with your dancing requirements.
    But to me it symbolizes what a great relationship should be.
    I see it as a need to constantly work on your relationship together: when the years progress, there will always be a need to work on your relationship, just as a house constantly needs upkeep.
    And while living this life together, it is important that you can keep inspiring each other in daily life, both on a physical as intellectual level, and even in the little things (like getting aroused while your partner is shaking a sieve).

    To me, these are important things if you want to have a lifelong relationship.

    And did I mention that it is simply a fantastic song? :headphone:
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  4. Bradley Frank

    Bradley Frank Son Montuno

    Great suggestions! I will check these out! :)
  5. Del Dominguez

    Del Dominguez Changui

    If you have any DJ friends or even dance studio owners...ask them to cut or blend the two songs for you...shouldn't be too big of a deal. =D
  6. DJ Yuca

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    Congratulations from all of us at Salsa Forums!
  7. Bradley Frank

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    Thank you!
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  8. Sabrosura

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    Here is my song suggestion: Ocho Y Media -- Pesadilla. It is one of the most sensual salsa songs ever to me. It starts out with a sultry sensual part (that you can dance as a cha cha or some type of creative dancing, a choreographer can help you come up with something nice) and then turns into a just as sultry and sensual salsa.

    (And don't let the title fool you, the lyrics are actually quite romantic. "Como decir que te quiero, sin ofrecerte un bolero..." :) )
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