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Discussion in 'Member Reviews' started by jrels, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. azana

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    Freaky...I'll actually be taking a group of my students (history students from my American Revolution course, certainly not kizomba! :D ) to Fire and Ice on Thursday in a couple of weeks for dinner. What a shame it isn't a salsa night! I could have supervised my students and had a chance to dance at the same time :) .
  2. vixen_en_vinilo

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    They play a bit of salsa on Thursday nights, too, but it's just much more heavily bachata/kizomba/zouk (there's even forró going on in one room!). That said, I don't think the restaurant is actually opening when the dancing is going on. If you want Thursday night salsa, Caribe is the place to go - it's at the Marriott on the Charles :)
  3. owldancer

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    I'll be in Boston on a Friday. the 10th of June. I can dance on1 or 2 (prefer 2), but no casino. Are there any places to dance?
  4. elanimal

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    The most up-to-date site detailing Salsa events in Boston. On Fridays, the best place to dance is Havana Club in Central Square in Cambridge. Best night of the week outside of socials. There are a lot of on1 and on2 dancers. Stay around the stage area if you want more experienced leads.

    It gets super hot and humid in there, especially in the summer. Dress accordingly, you've been warned...
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  5. Hello, I'm the creator of I started it because other websites were no longer up-to-date and most importantly, were not posting any information about the socials. I'm determined to always keep it up-to-date and reliable for all the visiting dancers coming into our fair city :)
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    May pass through somewhere this weekend in Boston.. I'll see, glad the website is there though.

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