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Discussion in 'Member Reviews' started by jrels, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. la vieja

    la vieja Son

    Here's another interesting event:

    Event page:

    I registered for the musicality workshop. :banana:
  2. Sonny

    Sonny Son Montuno

    Was this today? I think I missed it. :(
  3. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    No, actually that was Saturday.
  4. Sonny

    Sonny Son Montuno

    I was actually in Boston yesterday...crap.
  5. la vieja

    la vieja Son

    Found this in the Masacote student group on Facebook:
  6. Ohwc

    Ohwc Changui

    where is the best place for an on2 dancer to visit on a long weekend? any good place to take privates?
  7. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    That depends on which weekend you're visiting, because there's often a salsa social happening somewhere on a Saturday, and sometimes there are socials on Sundays, etc.

    Fridays at Havana Club are my personal favorite, but this weekend is the Connecticut Salsa Festival, so some of the regulars are going to be there. There's nothing special happening this Saturday. Sunday's at Ryles are usually good, but again this weekend is the Connecticut Salsa Festival, so I would expect there to be less of the regular dancers out.

    With Ana Masacote or Victor & Burju, if they happen to be available.
  8. emarrific

    emarrific Sonero

    Boston June 29-July 4: 1 or 2 socials not to be missed? (also, dance shoes)

    Hey Boston Salser@s!

    I'll be in Boston June 29-July 4. I can't dance too much (mostly a visit to friends) so I'm trying to figure out what are the 1 or 2 socials I just can't miss while I'm in Boston. :)

    I dance predominantly on2 and prefer it, but can follow and enjoy on1 as well. I'm not a total on2 snob ;) I dance in the San Francisco style, whatever that is! Ha ha.

    Also, any places to buy shoes? The metal buckle for my heels just broke and I won't be able to get to a dance shoe store before I fly out.

    So excited! Hope to meet some of you! :bouncy:
  9. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    Emarrific, sent you a private message about this, check your inbox :)
  10. la vieja

    la vieja Son

    Anyone else check out Willie Colon's show on Thursday?
  11. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    I know some people who went (I think some people from Rumba y Timbal even performed), but I couldn't go myself.
  12. Sonny

    Sonny Son Montuno

    I don't know the last time this was updated, but as far as I know, the current places to dance in Boston now are:

    Sundays: Ryles
    Tuesdays: Ryles
    Wednesdays: Risque
    Thursdays: Caribe
    Fridays: Havana Club
    Saturdays: Havana Club
  13. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    That's mostly correct. There's actually a new Monday night that opened up last week at Clerys restaurant. Engima at Fire + Ice in Harvard Square is also open on Fridays.

    More importantly, however, we still have a lot of monthly socials now:
    Sunday: Salsa y Control Social, 60-40 Bachata-Salsa Social
    Saturday: Fuego y Candela Social, Nueva Vida Social

    You can find all of the above information on my website still, except for the new Monday night (haven't gotten a chance to add info about it yet), and Nueva Vida since it only happens 3 times a year now.
  14. Sonny

    Sonny Son Montuno

    Nueva vida is only 3 times a year? I had no idea. They do have a social today.

    With respect to Enigma, I have not been yet, but I have heard about it. It's fairly new and had not picked up steam yet but it certainly sounds less intimidating for new casual dancers than showing up to Havana on a Friday night. It gets packed and the talent level is pretty high...thank God for the back of the room. lol. Good update ColdSalsero.
  15. la vieja

    la vieja Son

    I wish some of the weeknight venues started a little earlier. Maybe I really am una vieja.
  16. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    I don't go out dancing on weeknights for this very reason. I still have to get enough sleep so that I can actually work the next day :p I've talked to people about it in the past, but I never really got a satisfactory answer for why any of the venues couldn't start operating an hour or two earlier than they do now :/
  17. la vieja

    la vieja Son

    Found this on Brown Paper Tickets:

    There's no mention of it on DCC's website or Facebook page though.
  18. Nicole_de_reve

    Nicole_de_reve Son Montuno

    What are the best nights and venues for Kizomba and Salsa in Boston these days? :)
  19. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    I used to have a website for this, but that's gone now, in part because I moved out of Boston about a year ago. There's plenty of venues for salsa, Havana Club on Fridays has been a solid choice for several years. There's a lot of monthly socials on the'll probably get the best results about what's going on by asking some of the hardcore dancers and the DJs.

    Kizomba isn't as popular as salsa in Boston, but a few dancers do dance it. Some of the monthly socials have a bachata/zouk/kizomba room. Again, try asking around among the hardcore dancers to see if there are any good kizomba venues to go to.
  20. vixen_en_vinilo

    vixen_en_vinilo Changui

    The best Kizomba nights in Boston are Thursdays at Fire & Ice in Cambridge (dancing starts around 10:45-11:15pm, and you can get a discount on the cover if you text to get on the list in advance), and the Pasion Amargue social which is usually on the last Saturday of the month at the First Church in Cambridge.

    For salsa, historically, the high-skill dancers all hit the floor on Wednesdays at Risque, back when it was at An Tua Nua. They've relocated a few times now before finding a home at Ryles, which is probably pretty good - sadly, I haven't made it there yet. Havan Fridays are my personal favorite, and Saturdays are good there as well. Saturdays also have some socials always, and Sundays have Ryles.

    So I guess, other than Fire & Ice and Havana, I'd say, it depends on when you're there!

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