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Discussion in 'Member Reviews' started by jrels, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    Did you not bother to check out my website? I keep it updated pretty frequently because I'm OCD that way :p Anyway, I'll just repeat the information on it here for your convenience :p

    1. Jan 8th, Sunday: Ryles
    2. Jan 10th, Tuesday: Ryles
    3. Jan 11th, Wednesday: Ryles or Risque night at An Tua Nua. I haven't been out on a Wednesday in over a year, so I don't know how good the crowds have been on those nights. Risque is free admission for all of January though, so you might want to check that out (maybe you get sick of Ryles too ;)). Keep in mind that Risque plays more bachata than regular venues though, it's a specialty for them.
    4. Jan 12th, Thursday: Club Caribe
    5. Jan 13th, Friday: Havana Club or Enigma night at Fire + Ice. Havana Club is my personal favorite, but some Boston salseros prefer Enigma. I'll be at Havana Club, if you want to meet up.
    6. Jan 14th: 6 hour salsa music workshop by Ritmo Masacote of Masacote Entertainment, followed by 4 hours of dancing at the 1-Year Anniversary of the Fuego y Candela social (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). I'll be at both of those events, and here are the Facebook invites for them:,

    Is that enough salsa for you? :)

    EDIT: Oh, I should mention, if you can't make it to all those nights, then definitely try to make Havana Club on Friday and/or Fuego y Candela on Saturday. Ryles Sunday and Tuesday are pretty good too, but the crowds will be smaller (Ryles Sunday is a relatively small venue too). Caribe on Thursday has it's ups and downs, sometimes the crowd is good, sometimes not. Wednesday I just don't know since I haven't been out on that night in a long time, so that's the riskiest night to go out looking for a good time dancing.

    EDIT 2: Oh, my bad, I just noticed that my last post to this thread says that my website went offline, I'll have to update that with my current information. Sorry!
  2. CaribSalsera

    CaribSalsera Son Montuno

    Thanks ColdSalsero!

    I'm here in Boston for training...if I'm not exhausted after being talked at for eight hours, I'll try Ryles on Tuesday and/or Havana Club on Friday! :)
  3. Morningstar

    Morningstar Changui

    Hi, is the Boston scene a leader or follower heavy scene ? (Was told there are such things :) )
    Also how easy or hard is it on the beginners? Are followers usually willing to help, or not so much?

  4. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    In general, the community is slightly follower-heavy, although this can vary on a day-to-day basis depending on the venue.

    I'm not really sure how to answer this question...I don't really have anything to compare it to. I've danced in other places like New York, DC, Connecticut, and Las Vegas, but only for a week at most, while I've been dancing in Boston for 2+ years and counting.

    I kind of think difficulty is all in your's only as "hard" as you make it. As long as you're willing to commit to taking classes with a good school (see my website, or better yet, ask me privately for a recommendation :)) at least once a week and going out social dancing at least once a week, I think you'll do fine :) Besides, we like new people :)

    At least some are willing to help, for sure. But you shouldn't rely solely on having a few friendly followers to help you get better. That's what classes are for. Don't treat your social dance partners as teachers, treat them as dance partners :)

    If you don't mind me asking, are you currently living in Boston, or planning on moving here, or just visiting? Either way, feel free to send me a private message and I'll take you out dancing sometime...there's just about always some great salsa party going on in Boston (Mondays are the exception, but only for 3 out of 4 seasons :)). I'd be glad to show you around :)

    P.S. I should mention that followers really can't teach you much about being a good leader, because in general, they mostly only know how to follow. That's a misconception that a lot of people new to salsa dancing make. If you want to learn to be a good leader, you have to learn from another leader, not a follower (in general).

    P.P.S. If you want, I'll even dance with you, I'm probably one of the most patient followers you'll ever meet, hehe :)
  5. Morningstar

    Morningstar Changui

    Hi ColdSalsero,

    Thanks for your help, I sent you a PM :)!

    Ps. I hope it went through, since I have a low post count there were some restrictions!
  6. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    I didn't get it, it must be because your post count isn't high enough yet. Tell you what, you can send me a private message to my Facebook page below, or send a message to my youtube account, or even through the contact form on my website, any of them will work (see the links in my signature below).

    Wait never mind, it seems as though the pm went straight to my email and not my Salsa Forums inbox, kind of weird but oh well, I got it! :)
  7. Sonny

    Sonny Son Montuno

    ColdSalsero, this is awesome. I'll look up when I'm in boston as well. Does the Boston Congress still take place annually? I was considering the big one in NJ, but this may be too big for my partner and me.
  8. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    The Boston Congress has been on hiatus indefinitely for the past two years. There are rumors going around that some of the local DJs are putting together a salsa festival in the Fall to replace it, but nothing has been announced officially yet.

    If that changes, I'll definitely put it up on my websites somewhere, and maybe in the Salsa Forums event announcements too.
  9. la vieja

    la vieja Son

    Which of the Boston-area venues is most likely to have an on2 beginner's lesson?
  10. Morningstar

    Morningstar Changui

    Well I know for sure that Masa Woburn has an On 2 beginner lesson. It is a VERY small venue though with about 6-8 people tucked in a small corner of the bar. I still had fun though.

    I also know that Masacote does on2 lessons and they were really cool when I checked them out! As an added benefit their beginner lessons are 2 times a week as opposed to 1 time like many other studios. Just in case you want to take the studio lessons as well :)!

    Be warned though that I was told that most of the Boston scene is On 1 and that the On 1 people don't really dance with On 2 people. I am only a beginner and I am sure Cold Salsero can tell you more, but that is what I heard so take it for what it's worth!
  11. la vieja

    la vieja Son

    I'm glad you liked Masacote! I'm taking classes there now (class #4 tonight) and the twice a week frequency is great for me.

    I met a guy who dances on1 and rueda and he told me the same thing about the Boston scene. :( I'm pretty shy so I thought participating in the beginner's lesson at a club would be a good way to meet other beginners to dance with later in the evening but I don't want to complicate things by trying to learn two styles at once.
  12. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    Ryles on Sunday has a beginner on2 lesson. There's supposed to be a new experimental venue open on Mondays that also has an on2 lesson, but it's only been around for the past 2 weeks (it's that new), so I don't know much about it yet, but when I find out more I'll let you know.

    I don't know who told you that the On1 dancers don't dance with the On2 dancers here in Boston, but that is just plain false (maybe I mentioned to you something about the interaction between On1 and On2 dancers, and you misunderstood?).

    It's true that more dancers in Boston dance On1 than On2. Among the regular dancers of the community, I'd estimate that somewhere between 50-70% only know how to dance On1, 29-49% can dance both On1 and On2, and only 1% can only dance On2.

    However, when it comes to dancing with other people, 99% of the regulars don't discriminate against others based on what style of salsa they dance, whether it be On1 or On2. On1 dancers dance with On2 dancers all the time, it's just that the On2 dancers usually accommodate the other partner by also dancing On1. Sometimes the On1 dancer tries out dancing On2. But the point is, there is just about no discrimination based on dancing On1 vs On2 (among the regular dancers).

    However, if you are a beginner On2 dancer, it will definitely be more difficult to find other beginner On2 dancers of your level, just because there simply aren't as many On2 beginners going out social dancing, for whatever reason. But that's not a discrimination thing, that's just a numbers thing. The beginner dancers you see out in the club are usually On1 dancers. So if you're a beginner On2 dancer, that just means that if you want to practice On2 when out in the clubs, you'll need to dance with the more experienced dancers more often, which is not the end of the world :) In fact, having a few dances with partners at a higher level than you can help you improve :)

    See my response above :/ Your acquaintance has an incorrect understanding of the salsa community here.
  13. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    By the way, Ana Masacote is a fantastic On2 teacher :) Ask her about what she thinks about On1 dancers dancing with On2 dancers here in Boston, I'm sure she'll have something interesting to say. Ask her for tips about going out dancing when you're shy.

    Since you're taking classes with Masacote, go to the club with your other beginner classmates and dance with them. Just make sure you also get some dances from the advanced dancers. The variety from both will help you get better. I know some beginner and intermediate On2 dancers who already do this.
  14. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    Ok, I should add some additional observations that I have in order to help clarify things. I honestly can't think of anyone among my salsa friends and acquaintances who would discriminate against another dancer based on whether they danced On1 vs On2...and I know pretty much all of the regular dancers here.

    If you do find a discriminatory dancer like that here in Boston, then I suspect that one of two things (or both) is true:
    1. He/she is a relatively new dancer/beginner who is arrogant and thinks that he/she is better than other people, and that he/she doesn't actually know any better.
    2. He/she is not from the Boston salsa community...he/she is from out of town or something.
  15. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    Ok, wait, I just thought of a plausible 3rd possibility:
    3. He/she is a dancer from Boston, but who dances mostly ballroom and rarely if ever actually goes social dancing. He/she is used to dancing with only his/her own specific ballroom partner, and will only dance with said partner.
  16. Morningstar

    Morningstar Changui

    Hi Cold,
    No it wasn't you who told me that the On 1's mostly dance with On 1's (and the other way around), but I actually read it here somewhere on the forum as a general statement. I wasn't referring to Boston scene in particular with that second comment. You and another friend did tell me though that most people in the Boston scene dance on 1 so that is why I decided to learn On 1 first.
    Good to know though that the Boston scene is so cool :)!

    @ La Vieja
    LOL, we had the exact same thoughts, that is why the lesson was so important to me before the party :)! In my case Ryles has the beginner lessons Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so that is definitely great! You really do meet people during the lesson, see who you click with and then have couple of guaranteed dances that night :)!

    Anyhow, in my humble opinion Masa will be perfect for your at the very beginning because the Salsa level did not appear to be very intimidating. When I was there a lot of people who just went to the bar (never danced before) saw Salsa and spontaneously decided to join the lesson, dance afterwards. Sufficient to say it was my first time social dancing, I missed SO many things I learned in class (just froze; didn't have enough "real world" practice) and they still told me I was a great dancer LOL :)!

    To be honest I am also really looking to practice all the moves I learn in class, so if you want to meet up next Thursday at Masa or any other beginner venue I would love to :)! Like I said I am just interested in a dance partner so that I can dance a lot of songs and get a lot of experience.

    Of course I would love to see you there as well Cold Salsero :)!
  17. la vieja

    la vieja Son

    Thanks for the clarification, ColdSalsero! I talked to a few of my classmates and the general consensus seems to be that they don't want to go out dancing until they start improving in class so I didn't press the issue.

    I suggested the Tambó Salsa Social ( as a potential event for the Boston & Cambridge Salsa Meetup Group ( and it looks like an organizer has made it official so I'll be there and I plan on mentioning it to the class next week.

    Masa sounds good but it'd be tough for me to get to Woburn as I don't have a car. I have class on Tuesdays/Thursdays until the end of April but other than that I'm pretty flexible and I'd definitely love to get some practice in! Maybe we could try Ryles? I'd also like to give Risqué a shot sometime as I think dancing a few good bachatas would calm my nerves and boost my confidence for the evening. :cool:
  18. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    Thanks for the invitation, but Woburn is way too far for me to travel, especially since I don't own a car :) Besides, I'd probably be too busy with either work or West Coast Swing ;)
  19. la vieja

    la vieja Son

    I just wanted to add that I'll be checking out Ryles tomorrow. :D

    Also, ColdSalsero - your website was very helpful when I was researching where to go for classes. Thanks for creating such a great resource!
  20. Morningstar

    Morningstar Changui

    Damn, I saw your massage too late :)! (I already agreed to go out with some friends tonight, not Salsa). Never-mind, I'll send you a PM and we will definitely work something out! Ryles, Risque sounds great as does Tambó Salsa Social! I also heard Mojitos is very beginner friendly :)!

    I like Bachata too (also beginner) so we will definitely have fun and no reason to be nervous at all:)

    @ColdSalsero, La Vieja
    Well good thing I have a car :)! If there is a cool Salsa happening let me know, I don't mind driving. You guys show me a few steps and we call it even hehe!

    Boston Salsa Scene needs to stick together!

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