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Discussion in 'Member Reviews' started by jrels, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. jrels

    jrels Changui

    Hey everyone, I'm a west coast salsero (San Diego to be exact) looking to possibly visit Boston within the next 2 to 3 months. I have no connections over there, but I hear it's a good scene, I love the styles of the more well-known dancers/instructors/performers there (Hacha y Machete, Salsa y Control, Masacote Ent.), and I figured why not just take some days off and check it out?
    Anyways, anyone know what places would be good to check out during my week there? Any tips on the New England scene would be great.
  2. peachexploration

    peachexploration Maestro 'Timbalero' Puente

  3. jenibelle

    jenibelle Son Montuno

    Boston is the best!

    I'll get back to you soon with the details...

  4. jenibelle

    jenibelle Son Montuno

    Hi jrels - First some questions. Do you dance on1/on2/Cuban/something else/all of the above? This may influence where I send you...Also, are you interested in coming to the Boston Congress? I am not a huge fan of congresses in general but the Boston one is great because it's quite small and intimate and it will give you a great idea of what the Boston scene is like. If you can't come for the congress, you could still have a great time going out dancing during the week.

    My favorite places to dance in Boston:

    Wednesdays at An Tua Nua:
    Starts around 10:30, ends at 1, lessons beforehand
    Mix of on1/on2 dancers
    Good times in general, can occasionally have an off night, music is good but not awesome

    Fridays at Havana Club:
    Starts around 10:30, ends at 2, lessons beforehand
    Mix of on1/on2 dancers
    Definitely the biggest party of the week, the level varies from beginner to very advanced, music is sometimes questionable

    Sundays at Ryles:
    Starts around 8pm, ends around 11:30, lessons beforehand
    Mostly on2 dancers
    Great music, great dancers, great vibes - my favorite night of the week
    All ages

    These are just my top three - there are definitely other decent nights to dance (Eg. Ryles on Tuesdays, Ryles on Thursdays, Havana Club on Saturdays). Also, Masacote hosts a monthly social on the second Saturday of each month - those are excellent! There are other special events that I could let you know about depending on when you decide to come.

    I hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask for more details, such as directions. If you're interested in taking classes, let me know.

  5. jrels

    jrels Changui

    Thanks so much for the input! I'm an on2 dancer (San Diego has a decent on2 scene), also dance on1.
    Those sound like great venues for me to check out, esp. Ryles and the social... I love the vibe at socials.
    Checking out the Boston Congress details.. not sure b/c I'm focusing on Flava Invasion for the moment, but I'll have a few months to save up. :D
    Anyways, I'll let you know as it gets closer, thanks so much!
  6. hyh

    hyh Rhythm Deputy

    It looked to me that An Tua Nua and Masacote social are no more?

    I may go out dancing in Boston on 4/1 and/or 4/2 ... Are the best options Havana Club (Fri) and Ryles (Thu) for On2/On1?
  7. amanda

    amanda Changui

    It's nice to hear that you are going to Boston. Please tell us after visit about your tour especially the salsa scene there.

    Wish you best of luck.
  8. hyh

    hyh Rhythm Deputy

    I found both places decently crowded. Havana is much bigger than Ryles and had considerably larger number of people, but the average level of dancing was not very different between the two nights in my opinion. Virtually everyone dancing on time danced On1 - maybe 30%? Some were willing and able to follow On2, but I did not notice any obvious On2 leaders.
  9. AguaDulce

    AguaDulce Pattern Police

    Ryles was the best place I've been to in Boston.
  10. Yes that is the place to dance on2. I guess on Sunday's. Not sure about other days.
  11. pr

    pr Capitán Del Estilo

    Hi :),

    Could someone tell me which is the best and friendliest place to Salsa in Boston on Saturday May 8th? :D
  12. pr

    pr Capitán Del Estilo

    No one? :(
  13. AguaDulce

    AguaDulce Pattern Police

    Last a couple of times out dancing I've met some really good female dancers from Boston.
  14. ana

    ana Changui

    Hi Pr, There's a new place in Boston that's opened up in Harvard Square called Conga's. It's a small place, and there's a lot of beginner so not much space to dance, but the dancers do pop in at different times of the night, so you'll likely get a couple good dances. Plus, Harvard Square is a really nice area to be in and experience if you're ever in the Boston area.

    Meanwhile, if you happen to stay for Sunday, Ryles is the place to go that night.

    Ana :)
  15. AguaDulce

    AguaDulce Pattern Police

    Ana I think any guy on here would be happy to go to a party anywhere and find you there. It's great to see you and Joel out in the social dancing scene along with the other good dancers from the area :)
  16. pr

    pr Capitán Del Estilo

    Ok, thank you! :)
  17. ana

    ana Changui

    Aww, thanks AguaDulce. I would have loved to go out this weekend. I was on a deadline that I missed and ended up being holed in at home all weekend long working. Not a fun time for me. lol Hope you had a good time PR. :)
  18. gzboston

    gzboston Son

    Where to go for Wed and Thursday for On1 guy?

    I am an on1 dancer, has been dancing regularily in China for two years.

    I checked for Wed and An Tua Nua was not listed, even though others had recommended it. Ryles was highly recommended on this thread but is Wed also a On2 crowd? then I will be better off at An Tua Nua?

    As for Thursday, there are quite a few places according to, so where will I find the serious salsa dancers?

  19. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    Get the easy 411 on the Boston Salsa Scene

    For a complete and detailed listing of current salsa hot spots in Boston, check out my blog about the Boston salsa scene, and my salsa calendar,

    In Boston, you will probably find both on1 and on2 dancers at every venue, because a lot of the regulars can dance both.

    An Tua Nua used to be part of SalsaBoston until last year, when they decided to close at the venue because of lack of business. However, in the last few months, An Tua Nua has opened up again for salsa on Wednesdays, but it's not operated by Salsa Boston anymore. I went on opening night and it was packed, haven't been back since but I've heard that the scene has been decent there. An Tua Nua now does half bachata and half salsa though, they're sort of specializing in Bachata.

    Ryles on Wed should be pretty good, again I haven't been out on a Wednesday in a while but I'm sure the scene is still pretty good.

    For Thursdays, Club Caribe is the place to be. It's usually packed.
  20. CaribSalsera

    CaribSalsera Son Montuno

    Hey Boston salser@s:

    Any current info/recommendations? I'll be in Boston from January 8th to 14th and may have the opportunity to go out dancing, if I brave the weather...


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