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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by smiling28, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    I do not think so, the partner could come with his girlfriend. It is better to express emotions verbally. :)
  2. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    I noticed an interesting thing. When I dance with partner Who is much taller, it is better to be a little bit away from him. If I dance with someone who is shorter, it is better to be a little bit closer.
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  3. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    I managed to grab my new favorite lead for a salsa last night. It was SHO's (I think...) version of La Banda, so a nice, feelgood song. He's not super advanced, but friendly, genuine smile, lovely presence, and spot on timing. After the dance he said something, with a smile. The DJ was announcing performances about to start and I simply couldn't hear what he was saying. So I said thank you, in a manner which could be perceived as either thank you for the compliment or thank you for the dance. He said something else very earnestly, still with the smile and big eyes. I couldn't hear, so just smiled again. I'm just going to assume it was a fabulous compliment :)
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  4. Live2dance

    Live2dance Shine Officer

    Assuming you have good frame and hold, that should be because their arm length is different.
  5. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    Yesterday, I got a nice, and sweet complement :rolleyes: Salsa dancer said that I am like water. When we danced together, it was pure flow....:rolleyes:
    And I also received several compliments from Kizomba dancers....
    Also, I noticed the more advanced kizomba dancer, the shorter his step. And all the signals clear and small. They do not push and pull too hard. And they do stops and also play with the music. I actually like it.
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  6. LarsM

    LarsM Nuevo Ritmo

    Of course you do?
  7. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    I am confused a little bit, could you please explain what does your question mean?
  8. LarsM

    LarsM Nuevo Ritmo

    I meant that of course you like more advanced leaders who signal clearly (yet without excessive movement), don't push and pull, respect the music etc - who wouldn't?The "actually" made it sound like you were surprised that you liked these traits, maybe that wasn't your intention.
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  9. MrR

    MrR Son Montuno

    By a great and very requested dancer, that was routinely only dancing one dance with any man, who isn't her husband:
    "That was great! I want another one!"

    "You should give your style an individual name. Soon people will come and want to learn it and you should be prepared for that."
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  10. veldrane

    veldrane Changui

    yesterday on the party after couple of salsa songs I started dance with the unknown beautiful girl on one cuban chachachaa song. To be honest im not so sure how cuban chachachaa looks like. It was tricky for me ;), so we tried to dance it like son in close position with special steps on 4 and 8. It was breathtaking. She was so lovely and when the music finished she smiled at me and told me: "I would never think that chachachaa can be so beutiful".
  11. Abraham440

    Abraham440 Changui

    I was in a completely English-speaking environment (to the point where I felt bad for the band because the singer kept talking to the crowd in Spanish and I could tell that by and large nobody understood him), and had a really fun merengue with this woman, who, at the end of the dance, thanked me with a "gracias." It might've just been reflex if Spanish was her first language (though her English was unaccented), but I decided to take it as a compliment of my authenticity :p
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  12. stuart hall

    stuart hall Changui

    hi everyone.

    I'm new here today - thought it would be good to join a forum.

    i went to revolution cuba, manchester last night - my first time ever to a salsa club.
    i can't dance - but i loved it !

    the liverpool girl in the red top, grey skirt - she was an amazing dancer.
    and her american friend lauren, 7 ft tall and in black.
    both were great !

    i'd love to dance like them - but i need 1 to 1 lessons first.
    i tried the beginners class but no good.
    i need an expert or great dancer to teach and show me please

    so can anyone help please in manchester ?
    i'd like a whole day, say saturday or sunday 10-5...i can pay £100 for a day.
    can any ladies help please ?

    07842 401149
  13. John S2

    John S2 Sonero

    to SH: It is best to learn the basics in a group class for various reasons. You do not need an 'expert' instructor - what is required is a competent teacher who understands what is required to successfully teach beginners. Suitable structured group classes exist in Manchester. If after a number of lessons things still don't feel right then try a different teacher.
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  14. stuart hall

    stuart hall Changui

    hi john,

    i understand what you are saying here.
    but paying £4 for a 1 hour lesson, once a week, is not the quickest way to make progress.
    it's like learning a language, going to an evening class for 1 hour per week.
    not productive.

    i prefer to pay someone £150 and spend a whole day with them showing me all the moves.
    then i can go to social dance events and join in -which is what i want to do

    intensive one day crash course is better for me
  15. Tomm

    Tomm Tumbao

    are you sure ? I dont think anyone at the beginner stage could take in a whole day of stuff and then be able to actually reproduce that stuff on the dancefloor without hurting anyone.... dont confuse doing the "motion" with leading a figure...
  16. stuart hall

    stuart hall Changui

    hi tom,

    the beginners class last night had 50 people in it
    the guy and lady on stage just go through the steps slowly - but are not down on the dance floor,
    moving between each couple, watching them, and putting you right.

    so we ended up with 25 couples all doing roughly what we thought was right, from watching the 2 instructors on stage.

    i asked them to slow down - but they just plough through to get a certain amount covered in the 1 hour

    i realise with 25 couples, in 1 hour, its the only way for them.
    it makes them money, 4 x 50 is £200 for 1 hour teaching.
    good business but no good for absolute beginners

    then every 1 minute you have to keep changing partners.
    you just get used to the partner you start with, then have to keep changing.

    its all rushed and i ended up learning not much
    i changed partners 16 times in the 1 hour lesson.

    its ridiculous.

    after the lesson, i spoke with 6 girls.
    they all felt the same.
    rushed and they didn't even know if they were doing the moves correctly because
    no one is correcting us.

    at 9, all the good experienced dancers turned up.
    there was about 100 people dancing on the floor.
    i danced with 3 girls.
    i told them i was an absolute beginer.
    they were great and patient with me - but i just ended up treading on everyone toes
    it was awkward and no good for anyone.

    so i stopped and left

    the beginners class is no good for me.
    i would rather try 1 whole day with someone and see how it goes.

    it cannot be any worse than last night - which was just crazy and pointless for me

  17. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    Usually, club's lessons are to advertise a dance school or particular instructor. It is not the best way to learn salsa. You need a real salsa class for beginners. They're not so many people, and instructors pay attention to what students do.
    It will not work. I definitely know. Once I helped out with one client, salsa instructor asked me. The client had a similar request "teach me salsa for three days." Every day we spent 12 hours together. I tell you, it was a real disaster.
    Dancing it is not just learning a new move. Only Deliberate practice will help you at least one hour per day, everyday. It is also a lot of exercise for developing body plasticity. After three days we were exhausted. I do not want to repeat this torture in the future. Everything that we did on the first day a guy could not remember...we had to start over again. On the third day, he did not remember anything except the simplest moves and basic. Your brain learns through deliberate repetition and deep understanding. All these take time. There is no shortcut. I am sorry.
  18. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    After one day intensive it will look like this:D
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  19. Live2dance

    Live2dance Shine Officer

    While I do think you have a lot of valid points, I would say that changing beginner partners (not every minute but say every few minutes) is not a bad thing. Otherwise you start adapting to them in what could be a bad way (i.e. You adapt to their errors by doing errors yourself). This leads to a kind of "local minimum" which may feel ok to you but is actually pretty bad.

    By dancing with many partners you start understanding what is the best way to deal with multiple partners and hence you are able to filter good from bad advice and moves (in theory). In practice I do fully agree with you that you need to dance with good dancers that can make you feel how the appropriate movement is. Once you get that feeling you can then practice with less capable partners.
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  20. Dissonant Harmony

    Dissonant Harmony Rhythm Deputy

    Hey, stuart,
    I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience In that lesson. This is not how beginner lessons should be like, and definitely not how they should feel...Beginner lessons should be fun and encouraging. (Not the other way around!!!)

    HOWEVER - learning to dance is a process!
    Thinking a one-day intensive of being shown the moves will make you able to dance - is just fooling yourself. (and a teacher agreeing to do that with you is either incompetent, or fooling you!)

    I highly recommend that you join a a group class (a "course"), where you can get more personal attention. (then you would've got in a class of 50 students), and hopefully (though not promised) - better teachers.

    If you insist - private lessons are good for setting you "on the right track", but we are talking 45~90 min lessons here, once or twice a week, for at least a few weeks on top of going to a club to dance and practice.


    One more thing: Rotation of partners is good.
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