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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by smiling28, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Sabrosura

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    So as some of you know I started leading bachata a couple months ago, "officially" i.e. not just my friends but I actually go ask unknown women to dance with me. I have found that, due to the scarcity of traditional / non-sensual bachata leads in our scene, it is quite difficult to get some follows to break out of the 1-2-3-side-step/turn/repeat pattern mindset and allow for more playful steps and syncopations. It's not that they can't do it (and it's not necessarily that I'm a crappy lead, because other women follow what I lead perfectly fine), I'm talking about simple steps that just break out the 1-2-3-pattern a little bit, like for instance holding a step for two beats when the music calls for it. Things like that. On the other hand, a few women are awesome at "opening their bachata minds" and are perfectly in sync with what I'm leading even when it's stuff they've never been led into before. And among all the women I have danced with in our scene, there is one in particular who is my dream follow :) To borrow a friend's metaphor, dancing with her feels like I (the lead) am the wind and she is the feather. :) She is just perfect :) And when I lead her in closed position she will seamlessly and perfectly arrange herself in my arms so that it feels like we are moving as one. :) Leading her feels better than following 99% of the bachata guys in our scene :) (which is another reason why I'm so happy I started leading :) ) She is basically my dream follow :)

    So she and I were at a weekly salsa/bachata party recently and the DJ played a traditional bachata, after having only played modern bachata songs that night, which is why I hadn't led any dances that night yet -- I prefer leading bachata to traditional songs because there is just so much you can play with in the music. I was sitting next to her and turned to her and asked her to dance -- and she literally started jumping up and down with joy! :) No better compliment than for my favorite follow to jump with joy when I ask her to dance :)
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  2. Offbeat

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    That's why we leaders have it good :p I think there are more dream followers than dream leaders :D
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    I was at the weekly bachata night tonight and as usual for the past couple of months, I led about 50% of my dances. And for the first time since I started leading bachata, someone asked me to dance with them as a lead. :) And the even more exciting thing about this is that it was a guy! He had seen me lead and wanted me to lead him :) (when I lead, I only ask women, so this was a nice surprise :) )

    The cherry on top was that after the dance he said I had led him very well and that he could just relax and follow, and felt like he was an "extension of me" :) :)
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  4. meanwhile, I have been following more much more than leading (About 80%, I'd say), but that's because:

    1) I moved, and I pretty much hate how the girls here "follow".

    2) There are, on the contrary, enough decent guys I can connect to. (Which makes me wonder: With the presence of such leads, how did those girls come to follow like that?)

    3) My own leading became much worse. I don't know how, but I hate the way I lead right now.

    So while you are having fun leading people who feel like the "extension" of yours, I was resorting to (almost completely) following, just to achieve the same thing.


    I also gave another chance to the On2 community here.
    The dancers are great: They really feel the music and the average technical level is by far the highest around...

    But (With the exception of two guys and one girl) I hate the way they lead and follow. This has been a complete disappointed for me.

    *The music was beyond awesome, though!


    In general, I have not been satisfied from any dance party for a while, and recently - I am also not satisfied with my own dancing.

    *I have now finished proofreading and noticed I actually used the word: "hate" 3 times; so much for showing frustration.
  5. manzanadulce

    manzanadulce Sonero

    I just started to learn how to lead in casino, and it's a nightmare. I feel so out of place in that role, but I will say it has given me a newfound appreciation for the unique challenges and difficulties faced by leaders. Obviously followers have their own challenges but leading while keeping your own footwork and timing especially in a dance way more complex than linear salsa is a little overwhelming! I think I should have tried to learn to lead in salsa first. :eek:
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  6. Offbeat

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    The person following gets to dance. The one leading has to do all the rest of the work to make the dance works :)
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  7. Peason

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    Then maybe leads should first learn how to dance before they learn how to lead.
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  8. vit

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    Yes. But it can happen that you will realize that it's better to learn leading casino first :p
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  9. Aurel

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    Agree, I for once find leading in linear salsa to be much more demanding than in cuban. Especially when it comes to the precision required to execute the lead correctly and clearly for the follower to follow.
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    maybe everyone learn to dance before start partnerwork learning? maybe 3 months solo first? would be interesting to see difference in experiment
  11. Offbeat

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    You didn't understand what I said :)
  12. azana

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    I was called "a delightful dancer" after a bachata. I guess it was a compliment; he did deliver it with a big smile :)
  13. Del Dominguez

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    Personally I love it when follows mention that I'm a smooth lead. Admittedly I could use some updated moves, but I'm more interested in the one-on-one experience with my partner. You get smooth when you pay attention to your follow fellas. =D

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