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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by smiling28, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Peason

    Peason Son

    A guy comes up to us on the dance floor after the song ends and tells my follow that she is sparkling and has the biggest smile in the room.
  2. Big10

    Big10 Shine Officer

    It's great that you posted here and recognized the compliment for your follower as a compliment to you, too. It reminds me that I need to do a better job of recognizing that for myself. When a person says something nice only to my follower after we have danced together, I sometimes take that as ignoring my contribution to the dance. But you're right that a compliment to one of us should feel like a compliment to both of us. :cool:
  3. Atomico

    Atomico Son

    a) Received: "That t-shirt is really funny!" :dancingbanana:

    b) Given: "You're the best imitation of a great salsa dancer I have ever seen!"
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  4. smiling28

    smiling28 Moderator

    Really appreciate being asked to dance when I have gone out lately. Especially as I am returning to dancing and the crowd has generally been very friendly and welcoming.

    Being welcomed to a positive environment is a great compliment to all involved.
  5. Piglet

    Piglet Changui

    The best compliment I've ever given is "You're more confident than before"
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  6. Received (2 nights ago): "I hope one day I have a boyfriend like you" [LOLZ]
    Given: "You are a very positive person, I love dancing with you"
  7. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    Teaching my Latin dance class at school and inevitably people were walking past; we had to use a double storey open space in the school building. Fortunately, my students were confident and enthusiastic, many having done Bollywood or classical Sri Lankan dance among other styles. At one stage the principal walked past, then stopped for a while, talking to another teacher and watching. I'm fairly sure I was only teaching shoulder isolations at the time; possibly doing some basics. However, he proceeded to report to this teacher and others: "I've never seen (Azana) dance before. She's amazing!" This is a principal who is very pro-sport, music and extra-curricular in general, always promoting balance, and obviously it's easier to impress a layperson. Still, I can't have been doing much more than a basic!

    However, a comment from another teacher was very goosebumpingly complimentary. "Oh my god, your core!" So my posture can't be too bad :). That really was a valued compliment.
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  8. Berend

    Berend Son Montuno

    From two weekends back, still makes me happy.
    Feeling : Having a dance with a follower who starts completely tensed up, during thaws/simply enjoys and at the end has a big smile on her face and radiates enjoyment.
    During the evening had two or three more dances, just having a blast.
    Received: "Thank you for protecting me." Made me feel good about my environment awareness (which i think is always important)
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  9. mlemonl

    mlemonl Son Montuno

    THIS. I make sure they know I appreciate it. It makes a huge difference for me in comfort and trust level when I see the lead checking for space and blocking out space for spins and complex turn patterns. Dancing with those leads are something a little more special knowing that the follower's safety is their #1 concern. It's surprising how many advanced leads don't necessarily watch out for their dance partner.
  10. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    Then they are not advanced!

    I find that ninety five percent of leads in my scene pay attention to safety of their partner and floor space. It is probably considered a normal thing to expect out here locally (I am mostly talking about socials and straight up salsa nights at commercial establishments/bars/studios). It doesn't seem to be much of an issue even when the floor is crowded. May be it is a big scene thing.
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  11. mlemonl

    mlemonl Son Montuno

    Fair point. I sometimes loosely associated "advanced moves" or "long dancing experience" as advance, but I know they don't necessarily correlate to being advanced. Still - dancing smaller and spatial awareness may be too much for a beginner to handle, but I do believe dancers don't need to be advance to think about those concepts.
  12. Chris_Yannick

    Chris_Yannick Shine Officer

    Danced with a local follow the other night....

    Then a few days later, I get a fb message from the same follow who says out of left field,

    "I GOT IT! Dancing with you is like poetry"

    That made me :oops::):oops::D:oops::eek::inlove"
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  13. cachondea

    cachondea Son

  14. cachondea

    cachondea Son

    oh, I do have one! yesterday this dancer passed me on the floor and told me: "hey, btw, you got a huge compliment last week! but i can't tell you who it was, bro-code"
    "hm...ok, what did mystery guy say then?"
    "hmmmm, either that you're a good dancer..... or that you are very positive and smiling... or know, something like that"

    so, thanks, I guess! but to whom? and what for? haha
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  15. elanimal

    elanimal Tumbao

    After a social, a guy posted this on his facebook:

    "After a great awesome wonderful Salsa social, a group of 4 people on their way back home share their epic moments on the dance floor...

    Salsera1: I had a great dance with elanimal.
    Salsera2: Oh he's so smooth, he's awesome.
    Salsera3: Oh yes! He's lovely ...

    The dude in car: Huh! What ? Who is elanimal ?!!!!"

  16. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    These can definitely corrected at the beginner level. The beginner can be made aware of spatial considerations. The problem is most teachers/instructors don't tell beginners such things. I harp on this often, but salsa instructors have a wrong priorities on what they instruct beginners about. They don't focus on fundamentals under the guise the students will find it boring. They only concentrate on teaching a turn pattern in one hour class and that is it. It is not hard to cover what is the correct movement (e.g. in linear style class, that the follower should walk straight down the line and maintain the slot), or to be mindful of how big/small you are dancing. These can be taught by simpler demonstrations. It doesn't take more than few minutes to show this. It doesn't take away from the turn patterns they are teaching.

    Seriously the salsa instructors (most of them) are guilty of not emphasizing what the preferable dancing habits are or should be.
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  17. mlemonl

    mlemonl Son Montuno

    Of course they are capable. It's really two factors, a first one being that this idea isn't explicitly taught or focused in the way turn patterns are prioritized in classes. But, I still think that as a beginner, most of the concentration goes to trying to keep in time or trying to lead/follow properly and other things that other things tend to stay on the back burner until some level of comfort is achieved with the basics.
  18. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    On a recent trip managed to get in a dance with a very good follow and enjoyed her semi-surprised “you’re so easy to follow!” as we had a great dance.

    The best, however, was probably my first dance partner of the trip. I was beyond flattered to have finished our first dance to “Who are you? Where did you come from? We need more of you!” and our next to “You could move here and I don’t think anyone would be complaining.” :D
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  19. sagitta

    sagitta Pattern Police

    I was complimented by a fairly good follower tonight who said that she enjoyed dancing with me and that I must have a very large repertoire because every night I seem to be dancing with new moves. Good to know that it is recognized, that things get changed up. ( I explained that I am glad it is different every night because I bring different things to the dance. I am not exactly the same person I was at the last dance and so that should be reflected in my dancing.)
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  20. manzanadulce

    manzanadulce Sonero

    I wanna dance with you after reading that!

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