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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Big10, May 3, 2012.

  1. Big10

    Big10 Shine Officer

    I really liked one guy's shoes in a Salsa performance video I first saw a couple of years ago, but I still haven't been able to find anything like them anywhere. :( Specifically, I'm looking for the unique shoes worn by the Rueda "caller" (the guy in the beret-style cap) in this video:

    Does anybody know who makes those shoes and/or where I can find them? Thanks in advance for any leads you might have!
  2. TwoLeftFeet

    TwoLeftFeet Shine Officer

    im sorry i was unable to tear myself away from the lady in blue's bosoms!
  3. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    No promises Big10 but I have some friends in Budapest that were also dancing already back then. I'll ask them if they can help. Perhaps somebody knows him
  4. DaveFUK

    DaveFUK Tumbao

    Absolutely ...... What was the question again?
  5. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    Ok, we're one step closer.
    One of my friends know who he is (he's one of the leading instructors of the Salsa Diabolica dance school) and she is going to see if she can find out more about the shoes. Worst case scenario she can probably get you an email address so you can get in touch with the guy himself.
  6. Big10

    Big10 Shine Officer

    Wow, bas, thank you so much! :rocker: Awhile back, I had sent a message via YouTube to the person who posted the video, but I never received any response. :(

    So, as long as the instructor reads/writes English ;) , then an e-mail address should be fine. Or, if your mutual friend can just get the shoe information directly, then that will be even better.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  7. Big10

    Big10 Shine Officer

    :confused: I don't quite understand what you're suggesting. Are you saying that I should send my shoe size and the video link and get some custom-made shoes? :rolleyes:

    I think I'll just wait for bas's connections to contact the Hungarian dancer and/or see if anybody else chimes into this thread with specific knowledge of that shoe's manufacturer....

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