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    A few more of my Canales LP's IMG_8838-2.jpg IMG_8842-2.jpg IMG_8843-2.jpg IMG_8949-2.jpg IMG_8954-2.jpg IMG_8958-2.jpg
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    I blacked out the background and photoshopped out the person [a relative] who was standing next to him to protect their I.D.

    "After" and "Before."

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    YES and big time.

    I have designs on doing something with what I have so I'll avoid explaining anything while not offering a photocopy of what I am referring to. [Just to avoid any more unpleasantness akin to the Angel Canales debacle].

    My opinion based on what I've found directly from NYPD police reports that I garnered a few years back [which was a pill to obtain under former NY Police Commissioner Kelly.] is that the event and circumstances surrounding Chano's passing has been greatly exaggerated and downright falsified by journalists with a sense for the dramatic and the usual street gossip, aka "Radio Bemba." [This is with the consideration that the Police report is accurate. I see no reason why they would fudge some of the more pertinent details related to his murder.]

    Just know that public records and even the files of both the Police and the FBI are all accessible to everybody, if you submit a request. It's very hit or miss. Sometimes they will claim they can't find it, even though they sent you the same file 3 months before and that this is a new request.

    These type of records can help to determine fact from fiction. Some folks have told me not to put too much stock into what the Police indicate. I don't think we should dismiss it either.
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    Due the success of the Sabor album (1975) and the fact that Ángel left Alegre shortly after, this reissue was released originally in 1977 by Alegre Records.

    At that time, Markolino had already recorded with his Latin-Funk band under the name "The Alexander Review" (Vaya 46 - Year 1975). Angel recorded his "San Juan" album under his own label (Selanac, Canales backwards) in 1976.


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    all Fania CD's have been remastered since it's first release in 1989 (AAD). in order to jump to the digital format, a similar remaster was required. most of the first remasters were made without any sound optimization resulting in mixed results with acceptable and mediocre releases. during the 90's, 5 to 6 CD's were released each month. when the Fania catalog was sold to EMusica in 2005 most of the Fania catalogs were released.

    some recordings were initially released with mediocre sound quality like Lavoe's "De Ti Depende". it was later re-released with a better sound quality. other albums were made remastering a LP since its master was damaged or not available.

    I suggest to do a search with "Fania" in this forum to get more info on this matter.
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    I can definitely see the resemblance here.

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    I agree Abayarde, I have not been able to master a good recording from a record digitally and have it sound great, there has to be some cleaning out or superior equipment to what I own. It is acceptable when there is no other recording available. An example is the song "Basta Ya" by Jose Bello, I could never find a CD recording of that song and always wondered why it got skipped over in greatest hits compilations so I ended up using the LP to digitize it. I don't listen to it as much as I would because the sound is flat. There may be a CD issue now I just haven't seen it. Fortunately everything Angel Canales is digitally remastered in 1 form or another. And I am no expert on sound quality either I worked for many years in machine shops and heard loud music so I suffered some hearing loss. That is why I don't make much of a fuss over most recordings because it does not make that much difference to me. I am just glad to be able to always hear a new treasure that I haven't heard and enjoy it. Which usually is something from the 1970"s out of NYC.
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    Based on this, you probably know much more about the technical process that I do. My knowledge is more or basic. I only can speak about what I am hearing and the albums that I know for sure to be remastered sound better than the original; sometimes much better, some times slight better, and seldomly the same. I've never heard a truly remastered album that sounded worse than the original.
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    Thanks for reposting it Caobo, I apologize for being so naïve about the going on's here. I see a lot of you have shared over 10 years of story telling, ideas etc. But it is very appreciated and your review would make anyone want to buy Sabor, not only that it is the truth.

    The funny thing about Angel Canales and why most of my original records of his survived so many years and are still in excellent condition is that he was really never a crowd favorite here. Possibly the lack of airplay hurt him ? But when I did parties seldom did anyone want to hear Angel Canales, they wanted El Gran Combo, Hector Lavoe, Oscar D'Leon etc. so I never brought my Canales records along. Of course alot of my other albums are long gone now because of the abuse they received.

    When I went to Colombia for the first time in 1998 was the first time I actually found a following and he is a legend over there. Same as Henry Fiol, he never got much airplay here but is loved in Colombia, in fact I believe he lives there now. Incidently I have alot of great condition Henry Fiol Lp's as well. You could say I was a closet Angel Canales/Henry Fiol fan for years because most of my friends were not into them. Same goes for Manny Oquendo among others.

    I haven't quite got a feel of what this forum consists of but from first looks it seems that most are very knowledgeable and like "salsa dura". That has got me excited because I haven't quite found a site like this. I have a lot to learn and this seems to be the place to be.
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    Then of course there is this classic IMG_4732-2.jpg IMG_4733-2.jpg
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    Another Canales IMG_4783-2.jpg IMG_4784-2.jpg
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    What era are you referring to here?

    Lebron Brothers being the most famous example I think. Any more you know of that are/were bigger in Colombia than they are/were in the US?

    Welcome, and I'm sure you've got a lot to contribute. There are all sorts of music tastes on here but certainly salsa dura is popular with many posters.

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    Hi DJ Yuca,

    As far as other artists that may have a bigger following in Colombia, I would say Richie Ray/Bobby Cruz, I don't care too much for their style but they are definitely loved in Cali. Cuco Valoy comes to mind, all of his salsa. Junior Gonzales may be another one. Another one that comes to mind is Jose Bello.

    What I also noticed about Colombian woman in general, they don't differentiate between yesterdays salsa or today's or even Cuban Music, it is all under one big label for them. Many guys are the same way, so you get a lot of "Salsa mixes" that comprise of Cuban music, salsa dura, romantic salsa, cumbias and boleros. I have a very hard time with those compilations because I am usually not in the mood for that different of a selection. I may have a few days where I will listen to old Cuban music, others where I want to listen to 60's Salsa and maybe other days when I just want to hear some 70's soul.

    However it seems that most Colombians know their music, they can tell you who is who from the 1st few seconds of music. My wife is like that, she grew up in a Salsa, Cuban music household and she knows more about music than I do, and she is 14 years younger than I am. Well I guess if you include my knowledge of soul, funk & American music I may have her beat. And there are the "true salseros" that really know good music and can turn you on to some real good music. There are many collectors of "salsa dura".

    But overall anything under the banner of "salsa" is fair game in Colombia. Except most don't like Colombian salsa except for the one from their city. My wife likes Grupo Niche from Cali, but you can't find Sonora Carruseles, Grupo Gale, Calambuco or any other artist that is not from Cali that easy in Cali. When I play music from other parts of Colombia they ask me who is that? When they find out they are not from Cali they take a disliking to it.
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    Thanks DJ Yuca, I actually got Sabor in the 1970's, a Dominican that was dating my sister brought it to a party, it had just come out, and when he played it I asked who it was and he gave it to me. I was hooked on his music since then. Henry Fiol I discovered in the early 1980's and ended up buying all his stuff too. I was always looking for something different and soulful.

    I also liked all mainstream Salsa back then which included Hector Lavoe, El Gran Combo etc.
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    Can anyone clarify for me, what if any LP is the song 'Nína Mele' originally from?

    I have it but only on this kind of compilation CD


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    "Niña Melé" and "Solo Sé Que Tiene Nombre De Mujer" were unreleased tracks until this compilation went out in 2002(?). Wikipedia's biography locate both songs as recorded in Miami in 1996.
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    Great question, I have actually never seen that release, it does not seem to be an official release. If it is a live recording it could be just something he did for a concert as many artists do.

    Below is a link to his complete discography

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    They detinitely sound like studio recordings
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    "Historia De Una Leyenda" seems like a legit Selanac Records compilation. personally, it's best attractive are the two unreleased songs. to be a compilation it misses great songs like "Tenemos Que Echar Pa' Lante", "Faro de Luz" and "Nadie Como Tu".
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