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    Si, pero como dicen, "Si el rio que suena, es porque piedras trae".
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    Sí, y estoy de acuerdo con ese refrán, pero depende de cuál de los dos ríos se quiere escuchar (o hacerle caso), el de antes, o el de la actualidad. Antes le hice caso al primero, pero ahora le hago caso al de la actualidad, aunque claro que me gustaría más información al respecto, pero acepto que no está disponible.
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    IMG_3115-2.jpg Canales most popular CD, probably impossible to find now. I think I have most of his CD's. For the fans
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    You can actually get that one ^ on Amazon, so maybe other places as well. Great album!!

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    I have bought from Amazon before not asking if they were re-masters and the 3 times I bought they were re-masters and they were way overpriced so I returned them. I was told of a Johnny Pacheco CD today on Amazon and I inquired about it and they told me it was not re-mastered, so I bought it hoping it is a original CD. I just checked on the Canales CD, it doesn't say either way and at $33 it seems hard to believe it is. There is another closer to $200 which sounds more like the right price. I can't believe that on Ebay people actually pay $50 for re-mastered CD's. They should not go for anymore than $20 since they are still being printed.

    But if the Johnny Pacheco comes out being original I will give Amazon another chance. Unfortunately on Amazon they use a stock photo, originals have a black frame on the case and re-mastered are clear. In the past I used Descarga as my source for knowing what was in stock still and what was being re-mastered. For example there is practically no Hector Lavoe or El Gran Combo of the early recordings anymore that are not re-mastered. I think there are 2 Johnny Pacheco and the re-mastering is just beginning so you can only get a few titles in the re-mastered format. Yet I have come across some titles that were floating around that Descarga no longer had.

    They just re-mastered Crime Pays with Hector Lavoe/Willie Colon recently, that particular CD had been out of circulation for quite some time. I think Descarga ran out about 7 years ago, so it became very valuable and hard to find. When I went to Colombia I thought I would find a lot of rare titles, but Cali had already been picked and there was hardly anything left. Most everthing they had was re-mastered by Codigo/Fania.
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    Actually, many Fania (and the various labels that it acquired through the years) albums were remastered when Emusica owned the catalog. The two albums recently mentioned in this thread, Sabor and Crime Pays were two of them!

    Codigo Group does now own the catalog, to include of course everything that was remastered. Codigo also does continue to remaster more albums, but not nearly at the rate that Emusica was remastering them; which was four every month for a few years, but only periodically.

    RICKJDLT Descarga

    Thanks for the info Caobo, hopefully the Johnny Pacheco "Champ" I purchased is not re-mastered by either, I have no use for a re-mastered in my collection. Practically everything I bought was in the 1990's before any re-mastering was done. Are you also a collector?
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    I guess you can say that I am a collector since my radio shows feature classic salsa. I own nearly the entire Fania catalog. Why? How? Well, give this a quick read:

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    Well I have to admit Caobo, re-mastered or not, I am very jealous of your collection. But being that you have re-mastered does that put a lot of holes in your Fania collection or how complete is your collection?

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    IMG_3123-2.jpg IMG_3124-2.jpg
    Another great from Angel Canales

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    One of my favorites IMG_3133-2.jpg IMG_3134-2.jpg

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    This is the last one I have that probably isn't a pirate version. IMG_3109-2.jpg IMG_3110-2.jpg
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    The remastered albums sound better than the originals! That's why they remastered them. It is a fairly expensive process, at least versus not remastering them and just re-issuing them as is; which they did also. However, initially they were on a mission to enhance the sound.

    As they were remastering some albums and simply reissuing other, I also was buying albums to fill in the gaps, although eventually I would get them when they were ready to release them.

    Also, many of the artists did not begin with one of the Fania family of labels, and/or left the label at some point. In those cases, to get the complete discography of an artist/group, I bought what I didn't have and wouldn't get. For example, only Sabor and Mas Sabor by Angel Canales were Fania releases. I had to buy the rest of his discography.

    No, there are not a lot of holes in my collection.
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    No I am really jealous, Caobo, you must have the best job in the world for a lover of Classic Salsa. Do you rip your copies to a computer and play off mp3's or burned copies or are you using the originals? And about what is the size of your collection? And also what year were the last Fania recordings made?

    As far as the sound, I have heard what you say that the sound is better on some re-mastered recordings but in most instances not? What do you know about this subject?
  15. El Caobo

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    Some people misuse the term remastered, when what they really mean is reissued. Also, some folks simply lie about a track having been remastered when then have not been.

    We have to remember that in the '50s, '60 and '70s, recording technology is not what it is today. So, a lot of the original masters were less than good quality. That can only be improved by remastering and there is a limit on how much improvement can be achieved.

    Without remastering, a poor quality recording cannot be fixed. For example, if you take a poor quality mp3 file of let's say 60 kbps and convert it to the highest quality for an mp3 file, 320 kbps, the end result would not much better the the original poor quality.

    RICKJDLT Descarga

    Great point Caobo, But I am referring the mastering type. There are 3 possibilities AAD, ADD & DDD. Now to go DDD on a 1970's recording doesn't seem possible because the original is analog. And my understanding is that ADD's are the best because the master is used. Where as in the re-mastering process the result from an ADD recording is used and "cleaned up" to make the "DDD" recording. This does not occur on modern day recordings since they all have digital masters to begin with. But I was told to avoid pre-digital recordings that have a DDD on them. In fact what I have noticed is that they have eliminated the 3 letters altogether on newer recordings making me assume everything is DDD now. What are your thoughts on this, because 1990's Salsa CD's are being sold for higher prices now because of the claim of a better sound. You can find them all over Ebay.
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    Yes, this is the end of the conversation. You have no clue brother. Had you asked nicely, like a good little boy, I would have come at you differently. But YOU instigated my response by automatically declaring that it wasn't Angel Canales and implying it to be a false rumor.

    Check yourself youngblood...

    Nice try, but this isn't about anything or anyone else except YOU and your crybaby act. If you want to believe that he is sick or that he is no longer with us, go ahead. I know my truth. You can keep theorizing and day dreaming as to his whereabouts.

    For the record, that photo is courtesy of the woman who posed right besides him. His wife.

    So sorry that you're not in the loop. But you'll live.
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    For the record and for anyone who doesn't know, that album is actually Brujería by Mark Dimond, with Ángel as the vocalist. (I assume it was reissued on CD as being by Ángel as they thought his name would sell more copies than that of Dimond.)
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    I won't deny that I did come across harshly, I was just kind of shocked that a mere picture was enough to satisfy everyone. I have since researched you, and yes you do seem to be the most knowledgeable on this forum I have to admit, but you are also a big jerk yourself. Calling me a youngster and come mierda was a lot further than I would have ever took this discussion. Yes I am rough around the edges and skeptical of anything I hear, but I think you are a big enough boy to handle it since you lash enough of it out yourself. By the way I am going to be 59 years old this year. And yes you might be the most knowledgeable in here but you don't know everything so don't come off as if you do. Your whole bit about don't question my sources because Angel does not want to be bothered wasn't the classiest act, and it lead directly into how I came off. Anyway if you are done with your fit, I apologize for my part in this misunderstanding. I just joined this Forum and overall like what I see so far including a lot of your knowledge on so many subjects, so can we co-exist?. And remember I already told you I am not a come-mierda and prefer not to ever use that type of language to refer even to my worst enemies in a public forum.

    And your explanation about the picture was good enough for me, thank you. It is not important enough for me to continue. Like you say lets just enjoy his music, I do understand he was always private & "diferente".

    RICKJDLT Descarga

    That is correct DJ Yuca, here is the original LP IMG_8818-2.jpg IMG_8819-2.jpg IMG_8820-2.jpg IMG_8822-2.jpg
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