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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by MacMoto, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    Aha!!!!!! :p
  2. estrella

    estrella Tumbao

    I love to see good spins with the right spotting technique but it is not something I really like to see or do while social dancing.
    I start to turn my hips and the more spins i (try) do the closer my hands go to my body, my problem is after 2 spins i forget spotting LOL, but I dance cuban most of the times so there it's more easy (walking on the rhythm). Like everything it takes a lot of practising.
  3. Tambajoko

    Tambajoko Changui

    Guys, don't you think spins are overrated nowadays?
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  4. Professional

    Professional Changui

    10 Spins

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  5. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    It's interesting to see Terry switching the technique half way through - up to 5 spins he's doing the standard right spins used in salsa, i.e., turning to the right on the right foot, but switching to ballet/jazz-style pirouettes, turning to the right on the left foot, for doing more rotations.
  6. kbitten

    kbitten Clave Commander

    yeah..and we dont have room for that big pirouette prep in salsa..
  7. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    Terrys spins while numerous are pretty sloppy...

    Here are a couple examples of good technique

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  8. vit

    vit El Sabroso de Conguero

    His teaching is way worse than his spins
  9. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    lol oh no...just cause you can dance doesn't mean you can teach:confused:
    yeah those spins were all over the place!
  10. achilles007

    achilles007 Descarga

    It sort of is.. but combined with great, smooth salsa partnerwork and just the right amount of body movement.. it can produce some quite magical moments here and there.

    One who gets good enough at spinning, almost looks like a technical wizard levitating off of the floor during certain bits.
  11. achilles007

    achilles007 Descarga

    This times x1000!!!

    This (having the strength and balance) is hands down the hardest thing for me to do. Finding the alignment that would best enhance my center of gravity and keeping it.

    It appears that everyone's alignment is just a tiny bit different and that just the slightest shift in one's torso can cause the body to fall out of a pirouette. So, alot of the times my teacher's instructions end up throwing me out of alignment instead of in it!
    In particular with Ballet in the turned-out position:hungover:. It is no joke!!

    I still haven't found my CoG yet even after 6 months, so I'll have to take privates with the Ballet teacher so they can help me find my placement.

    But once I get this down...:D:D:D. That Maykel Fonts better watch out! Here I come!;)
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  12. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    You ever try pilates?
  13. achilles007

    achilles007 Descarga

    Hmmm! Sounds cool!

    Never thought to try it... Do you think it would help?
  14. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    It uses and strengthens your core and muscles you normally don't use. It helps to give you a dancers body. A lot of guys think it is for girls or is easy but it isn't. I have a football player friend who teased me until I put him through a workout...he was really surprised...
    It strengthens, lengthens and shapes your body. Gets you in tune with your body at a deeper level. Control, breathing, isolating, alignment, concentration, and precision are a few elements. It is great for dancers!!!!!
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  15. Salsa.mike

    Salsa.mike Changui

    thanks macmoto! :)
  16. This is one reason I much prefer Cuban style. I prefer turning while stepping than being a wind up toy. A spin now and then is fine but more than a couple in a dance and it detracts from flow.

    And sorry guys. Each to their own but I don't like it when a man spins. Too effeminate for my taste but each to their own.
  17. Desafinado

    Desafinado Tumbao

    What helped me with core and balance was (1) brushing my teeth while standing on one leg (as taught by Baila Society), and (2) quarter spins while standing on one leg (as taught by Frankie Martinez).
  18. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    I have been training a few students with balance issues on the Bosu Ball(I myself have been using for years and love!) and have seen great improvement!!!
  19. Salsa Student

    Salsa Student Pattern Police

    One of the things that separates the men from the boys is actually being able to dance, not just lead. IMO spinning is definitely a part of that.
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  20. Aqpham1

    Aqpham1 Changui

    On my left spins, I am always falling forward or at least tending to lean forward. What is the root of the problem that's causing me to do so? My right spins I am able to balance fine but left, it's always forward.

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